Although Teen Patti looks a little confusing at first, the game is actually fairly simple and has often been compared to a simplified variety of poker. With 52 cards and four to seven players, Teen Patti games normally last around ten minutes but can be as short as five. For this reason, you may be looking for ways to make your games last a little longer and we have some tips for you today!

Smaller Bets – The first way to make the game last longer is if you place smaller bets; if you are not risking as much on each play, your stack will last longer. On the other hand, if you’re risking a high percentage on each and every hand, you could be finished within just a couple of minutes.

Matha – Another way to play Teen Patti is called ‘Matha’ and it involves each player receiving a card. After, one person places their card face forwards on their forehead, everyone else must guess if their card is higher or lower. Once someone has chosen correctly, they win.

Be Sensible – After winning a number of hands in a row, it can become easy to get cocky and risk it all but you should always be sensible. Remember, every new hand is unique so form doesn’t mean a thing.


AK47 – With this variation of Teen Patti, the Ace, King, Four and Seven become ‘jokers’ and can be used as a substitute to complete a sequence or for a missing colour. By using this variation, you will have more opportunities for success.


Learn Your Opponent’s Expressions – As soon as you recognise the different facial expressions of your opponents, you will learn exactly what hand they have and this will be your ticket to success because you will know when to bet and when to be cautious.


Muflis – In Teen Patti, the person with the highest cards win but how about switching it up to keep things fresh. If you decide to play the game with the lowest cards winning the game, there is suddenly a bit more strategy and thinking involved.


Keep a Straight Face – As we discussed earlier, facial expressions will give the game away so just as you can read other people’s face, they will also be able to read yours. Make sure you always keep a good poker face and only smile when you win the hand and the game.


Keep Playing – If you lose, or continue to lose over time, don’t give up. Instead, keep practising and learn the game.


Don’t Bet Constantly – If you want the game to last longer, make sure you aren’t always betting on every hand. Experts say that you should never bet if your cards are worse than an Ace high.


Don’t Be Tempted – If someone is trying to tempt you into betting, it can be easy to be swayed. However, you need to focus on your hand and only bet if it falls into your strategy.


So there we have it, a number of tips and variations to affect Teen Patti game’s longevity. Teen Patti is extremely fun and as soon as you learn these 10 factors, your games will last longer and you will become a better player!


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