Safety should come first in any work. Especially in those works where there is threat to life. We all enjoy benefits of electricity and equally understand how hazardous it might prove in case of any electrical spark or spread of currents. For secure transmission of electricity wires and cables play the most important role. They are behind the safe transfer of electricity from transformers to electrical circuits and finally to our electronic devices.

With electricity becoming part and parcel of our lives the need of it being safely transmitted becomes most important aspect. We often uses quality electrical circuits, MCB’s, points etc but fail to select the cables which are required to flow the current. This is the reason behind most short circuits that happens. Every cable isn’t suitable for every job and hence different cables are needed for different kinds of fitting. Generally there are cables available in the market to cater to different need and among them 3 core flat cables has made their own mark in this industry.

What Are 3 Core Flat Cables?

As the name itself suggests 3 core flat cables are that type of cables which are specially insulated with three internal cables. These 3 core flat cables are covered with high tensile PVC for better durability and safety. PVC adds flexibility to them as they can easily be inserted and carried by rolling these cables. They are thick in feel and have the ability to withstand high temperature.

Where Are 3 Cores Flat Cables Needed?

3 core flat cables are mostly required in submersible water pumps. These are needed to supply the power to the water pump so that it may vacuum the water out from the ground. Its built makes sure that the electricity is only supplied to water pump without any spark or fear of spreading of current. Because of outer PVC it becomes bad conductor of electricity making it to be the safest option available. Further the inner 3 cables are also insulated with high class PVC to double the security.

The inner cables are mainly composite of copper strands by which they become excellent conductor of electricity. As water pumps are situated near water bodies there are high chances of current and these 3 core flat cables helps in eradicating such scenarios.

What Are The Features Of 3 Cores Flat Cables?

  • Safe Supply: Even though 3 cores flat cables are used is submersible water pumps they acts as the safest way to transmit the electrical power. The insulated PVC plays the vital role here.
  • Durable: Its durability too adds to its long list of features. Even though it is used in water is don’t get rust, damage and etc. 3 core flat cables can be used for many years without even replacing them periodically. They are abrasive and corrosion free.
  • Highly Tensile: These3 core flat cables are specifically designed to bear high and irregular voltages. They doesn’t get affected and bear high temperature and voltages.
  • Fixing: The fixing of 3 cores flat cables don’t needs any technical qualification. The user can themselves easily fit the 3 core flat cables to the submersible water pumps.

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