Do you love cooking and getting the vest results? Did you know that it takes more than an amazing chef and the right ingredients or recipes to come up with yummy dishes? Yes, for you to make your experience enjoyable you’ll need to have the right kitchen appliances and cooking pans are some of them.

There are different types of cooking pans designed for different purposes but these 5 are a must have for every kitchen as they are somehow multi-purpose and could help save you some money instead of purchasing every pan for every need. These include the following: –

Sauté pan

A sauté pan is an essential addition to any kitchen and comes with tall sides which create a large bottom surface suitable for searing. Its sides are right-angled all the way to the base and this makes it hard for your ingredients to splatter while at the same time giving you plenty of volume. Sauté pans come with tight fitting lids thus making them ideal for ‘in-the-oven cooking or slow-cooked braises.

If you want to incorporate healthy eating into your family and especially where greens come in, this pan will be a must-have for you. You can also use it to cook braised turkey legs or chicken with sauce, allowing it to deliciously crisp when stewing. Sauté pans are available in different sizes to cater for different needs.

Cast iron skillet

A cast iron skillet will undoubtedly come as your kitchen’s workhorse. Skillets are ideal for rapid browning of meat or vegetables and having different sizes would be a great idea since this allows you to cook different quantities of food. If you are a fan of pan-roasting, cast iron pans will be great especially because they also come with tight-fitting lids and they are oven safe.


Saucier pans are a must-have for any kitchen but if you want something handy, avoid those with squared edges as these can be very annoying when you need to whisk out or stir your food. A saucier pan serves a number of purposes including whisking and mixing different ingredients fast.

You can get different sizes of saucepans if you want but a large one will serve just fine at any given time whether you are cooking a lot of soup or just a little. Sauce pans work great when cooking using low-water, low-heat method especially when dealing with pasta. They’re also good for poaching and boiling eggs.

Sheet pan

Rimmed baking sheets are a must have for your kitchen as they make better roasted veggies and cookies. These pans come in different sizes and vary in cost but investing in a good one will guarantee quality cooking without struggling with burnt bottoms. They can be used for baking sponge cakes and jellyrolls as well.

Lasagna pan

Having the best lasagna pan in your kitchen is a sure way of enjoying the yummiest lasagna dishes and casseroles. Glass lasagna pans can be great for cooking ground beef, vegetables, sauces and pastas.

You can also look for metal pans, but if possible avoid cast iron, non-stick or aluminum since these are known to react with foods especially those that are acidic. You can choose glass Pyrex, ceramic or metal but make sure you understand the pros and cons of each.

With these 5 cooking pans, you will be able to enjoy your cooking in the kitchen no matter what it is you want to prepare. Always choose the right size based on the number of people you intend to be cooking for.