Oaktree has long been a manufacturing source of furniture, building frames, hardwood floors and veneer production. It’s the most popular type of hardwood floor because of durability and neutral shade. Polyurethane finishes further refined oak hardwood floors, adding beauty and ease of maintenance options.

Cleaning such floor requires careful attention to determine whether deep treatment is suitable or further damage to the seal is possible. If you’ve oak hardwood floor in your home, this post is definitely worth reading as we’ve pointed out cleaning and maintenance steps.

  1. If the floor is old and hardwood oak, test the finish first. Dump some water onto a highly trafficked area of the ground. Incase the water soaks in immediately, either it doesn’t have any finish or has been tarnished.If water beads remain on the surface and can be wiped easily, it indicates a properly sealed or finished floor.
  2. Before applying a wet mop directly on the floor;sweep all the dust, dirt and debris either with a soft-bristled broom, a duster or vacuum cleaner. Cleaning grit bits and food remains that pose a certain threat to floor quality is equally important. Place rugs in high-traffic areas and avoid walking around wearing outdoor shoes or you’ll only spread the debris.
  3. Incase the kitchen floor is made of hardwood oak, make sure there’s a rug placed in front of the sink to prevent splashes and spills that ruin the surface. Floor cleaning starts with a dried surface so make sure yours is such. It’ll increase thelongevity of the finish while ensuring a smooth and shiny floor surface. Simple sweep using a broom daily would do well!
  4. When deep cleaning, move the furniture and rugs so as to work your way easily. Take equal parts of water and white vinegar, dip a microfiber mop and wipe the surface with it. Avoid wringing the mop on the floor or it might seep the water deep into the finish thus ruining it.
  5. Use industrial-grade oil cleaner to restore the original shine, however, test it on a small corner rather than adirect application on the entire surface. Mix the oil in luke-warm water or as per manufacturer’s instructions but whenever using water on hardwood, be sure to wipe and dry to avoid ruining the finish and maintain the lustre.
  6. Determine the type of finish on the hardwood floor as most oak floors either have polyurethane, water-based urethane, acrylic, oil or wax finish. Call in a floor expert who’ll precisely tell you about the finishing after which cleaning can be executed accordingly.Incase you feel thewood grain; it’s likely acrylic, wax or oil and if it’s glossy, hard and smooth; a urethane seal it is.
  7. Polyurethane seal ensures lasting shine to the floor and all you need is to daily broom them followed by a wet and dry mop.
  8. Cleaning products designed for tiled flooring must never be used on oak hardwood surface or colour would diminish in the long run.


The above steps ensure your oak hardwood floor always remain neat and shiny so do give it a try.