Holding on the attention of the users – there are many tools and techniques that a web design firm swears by to create an authentic website. Following a color theory would be quite useful as it is the perfect amalgamation of art and science in itself. They play an important role in creating a psychological impact on the audience. Enhancing moods, affecting appetite, causing distractions, making you go all head over heels – Colors could actually have an upper hand in manipulating these emotions. It plays with your emotions, hence if you use them wisely for marketing or advertising you would be just one step away from laying your hands on potential customers.

4 Color techniques that are worth giving a try

Here a few color techniques that you could generously lay your hands on for designing a website that is sure to attract the audience with its enigma.

1. Color overlay

Color overlay simply means to cover a web page with a semi-transparent color in such a way that you get to highlight a certain aspect of the page. This color technique can be used to bring the user’s attention to a particular image, video or text.

2. Playing with gradients

Color gradients in web designing is slowly making a comeback with a touch of modernization. It is one of the best color techniques that adds depth, elegance, and subtlety to the website apart from giving a standard effect to the designs. You can make use of gradients for bringing in a quality of innovation and intonation in your websites’ design.

3. Color contrast

Using contrasting colors will help you to make all the vital elements of your website garner the right attention. Needless to say, take care that they are not too loud to distract the user’s attention.

4. Tints and shades

Tints and shades are the color tones that are used in designing. Tints refer to the lighter shades of a particular color, whereas shades refer to the darker shades of a particular color. In this you need not lay your hands on a variety of colors as variation in a single color would add beauty to your website. Tints can be used if you want to give a smooth and soft look to your website. On the contrary, shades can be used to portray a bold and strong website image.

Final Note

Every web design firm has their own set of practices which they follow to craft websites that are par excellence. Ensure that you are making the best use of colors techniques – be it in the form of shades, color contrast or gradients to make way for potential customers.