4 Vital Tips to Take Care of Your Scar in the Best Possible Way

4 Vital Tips to Take Care

Scars are one thing that most of us struggle to get rid of. Some of them are so unbending that you have to put a lot of effort to do away with them. That is why here an attempt is made to guide you with how to take care of your scar in the best way possible. Follow this step-by-step approach to achieve it.

  • Massage Correctly – The wounds are in 50-80% of their strength once the sutures are removed. This is the time when you should start massaging the scars with simple non-perfumed moisturiser and Vitamin E cream. You should do this twice a day for 3 months allotting minimum 5 minutes each time. Use your forefinger or thumb in a circular motion for moving the scar over the period of about 3 weeks. You should spend more time on the “lumpy” part of the scar. This way you will be able to flatten and soften the scars. The sensitivity of the scars can also be reduced by doing this.You may have heard about advertising campaigns that reduce and even completely erase the scars. But these claims are in most cases, highly exaggerated. Almost all scars reduce over time. These campaigns just take advantage of this fact. The only products that are proven scientifically to work are the silicone produces like silicone gel sheets. This too, is applicable only in specific cases and has to be cut to fit the scar and needs to be applied 23 hours a day to be effective.
  • Use Micropore Tapes – In order to reduce scars, it is essential that you use paper tapes such as Micropore. This reduces the possibility of scars becoming raised and are effective in the application of constant and gentle pressure to the skin. Even if it is not completely healed, you can place the tape directly on the wound and leave it there for quite a few days at a time. You will not face any trouble while taking a shower with the tape in its place. In fact you can also perform the massage through the tape. You should simply soak the tape in vegetable oil and use a fresh piece. You should continue with the taping until the tape is pale and flat around 3 months. For an immature scar, taping also offers UV protection.
  • Moisturise the Scars – More scar tissue can form if the scar dries out and cracks open. Moisturising stops the scar from dying out, keeps the scar soft and assists with the scar itchiness. Any petroleum product can be used in this case.
    Avoid the Sun- UV radiation can cause permanent pigment changes on the scar and also prolong the redness of immature scars. This can be avoided by taping the scar.

The above are some of the ways in which you can take care of the scar so that it heals fast. Make sure that you purchase the genuine products like the micropore tape and silicone gel sheets from a registered and reputed pharmacy (online or brick and mortar) so that the treatment can be done correctly.