Adventure activities are one this that most people opt for today to relax completely and unwind from a hectic and tedious work life. Thanks to the many adventure sports facilitators out there in the mart that has made this possible and within the budget we all can afford. Adventure sports and trips are very essential to rejuvenate completely and return back to work like with more enthusiasm. Below are 5 best adventure sports activities you must try out…

Scuba Diving

This isn’t correct although it’s very commonly thought that Scuba Diving is for those that understand and know how to swim. You do not need to understand swimming nor be a professional swimmer to do Scuba Diving. Because today there are several reputed Scuba Diving facilitators who can help you with Scuba Diving for non-swimmers. You are given Scuba Diving gears and special vests so that you can remain Diving underwaters for long hours.

Ear pain is one common thing that everybody faces while Scuba Diving. The reason behind this is the difference in pressure which comes into picture while you are deep underwater. The second problem is that you have to take breathe through your mouth and not your nose. People who are not used to breathing with mouth and people who fear deep waters might panic in this case. But there is nothing to tremble, just chill and you will get used to mouth breathing rhythm.


Trekking trips help improve stamina, minimal living, adjustability factor etc. Many personality development people insist on trekking trips as part of their course. You will be having a trekking guide to motivate you to climb up a mountain peak or a hill through the pathways.  It is always good to trek along with a guide and along with a group.  Nepal is one place that has many trekking trails. You can opt for any trekking agency in Nepal to facilitate your trek. The first thing you have to consider while planning a trekking trip is how to pack your luggage. Of course, you have to carry all the stuff you need for a week but you have to be minimal and limit your baggage to 15KGs.  Water or other fluids and other energy drinks are very essential during your climb. Always take along a first aid kit. Consider low dose drugs like paracetamol, external muscle pain suppressors like Volini, Deep Heat etc



How about flying into the open sky like a bird? Have you ever dreamt of flying amid drifting clouds, experiencing the beauty of nature from a bird’s eye view? Especially with your hairstyles for plus size women drifting and waving behind you? Paragliding is something for you if you are brave enough for it.

A paraglider is a free-flying airplane glider that needs to be pushed and propelled by running on foot. The paragliding pilot should be seated on a seat that is hanging below the paraglider’s wings. The paraglider doesn’t use any other energy source expect the gravity, wind energy, the hot air currents that created by Solar energy and of course the pilot’s muscle power.

Now that’s the case about learning how to fly and doing it yourself. If you don’t want to take the pain of learning the art of paragliding, you can do the Tandem Paragliding. Tandem Paragliding is wherein the 2 people can sit and one will be the actual trained paragliding pilot who will launch, operate and land the paraglider while you can sit in front and enjoy the views. In Tandem Paragliding the paraglider is specially designed to hold the weights of two people. Here again the total weight if 2 people becomes an important factor and it must not exceed 170KGs.


Sky Diving

Sky Diving gives you a mixed feeling for fear and adrenaline in the beginning and a sense of great accomplishment in the end. Sky Diving over the year has become an attractive sport but remains expensive due to the components involved. Firstly, you have to take a helicopter ride to the jump point, at an altitude of 4000m above sea level. The helicopter flight takes a duration of 20mins. After reaching the jump point the next thing you have to do is to gather courage to jump. The view of the hemispherical earth through the cloud would definitely diminish your courage however brave you are.  The next thing is to stop thinking too much and JUST JUMP!! When you reach a height of 750m above sea level you have to pull open your parachute to reduce your speed and stop the free fall. Once your speed is reduced to safe speeds you are safe enough to land.

Desert Safari

Desert is a very common activity in the Middle East as well as in the desert regions of eastern India. The main part is the long drive through the Sand Dunes of desert in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. It may also involve camel rides and optional bon fire and dinners at night. Two things to take care during Desert Safari to use a good sun screen of high SPF and also to keep consuming enough water or fluids to keep safe from the scorching sun. The temperatures in Desert will be around 30 degree Celsius so you need to plan accordingly for the worst case.

Hope you enjoyed this article and you are straight-away heading towards trying out these activities. The best suggestion is to include these activities in your bucketlist and trythemn on by one every qaurter. Each of these activities will give you a different feel and make you a different person completely.