Everybody in the life once came across the most similar issue of virus attack by email, and the most frustrating thing is you cant do anything. Every next news is about the virus attacks and system hacked scams or money loss via email. But still, we neglect it by merely satisfying yourself that it will never happen to you.

The most popular article written by Thierry Levasseur how he managed to build the system providing high security to email. He also mentioned that email is the easiest way to gain access to your network and the circumstances will be worse if your device has been hacked.

Email Security

So here are the 5 Important Email Security tips that you need to know to secure your email as much as you can.

1. Alert to the risk of Phishing Scams

While dealing with a company or product, you might have seen that never disclose your details like a bank account or account information we will never ask you to change your password. And on another side, you got an email which asks you about your data to fix the account issues which is an absolute scam, and you are familiar with this tricks. So scammers have put this system to next level.

You might be receiving the email from the same of the big website, and all they do is ask you to troubleshoot your account. Then after taking your account details, they can do whatever they want, and this next level of scams is known as “Phishing.”

2. Don’t click the links send to your inbox

If you receive an email that offers you a product or services through the link then never click on it you might know how they lead you. Sometimes it is safe, but sometimes they will bring some severe viruses to your system which leads to the unfortunate result.

3. Malicious codes

Malicious codes are covered with exe. Files which auto activates themselves in your devices when they come into your inbox.

4. Insider Threat

An insider risk is a malevolent programmer who might be honest to work, or a with false qualifications. They plan to make hurt the venture through the presentation of infections, worms, or malware.

5. Create A Unique Password

This operation may sound simple, but the truth behind choosing the problematic password is nobody can get into your account by merely putting different terms in the password.

To avoid such circumstances, Thierry Levasseur has made a system where the security is too high. He assures you that nobody can get into your email. The system includes a web application which enables the high security in processing the emails without being hacked. The system includes many other features as well, and some of them are you can track the email address and see how other people have responded to the suspicious emails. Also, encrypted data which is the most secure channel to transfer data.