With Gov Doc Filing, applying for an EIN has never been easier.  Getting an employer identification number (EIN) is the first step to opening a business that can operate legally in the United States.  Some types of entities that are not businesses in the narrowest definition of the term also need an EIN. Examples of these include estates, nonprofits, households that hire employees, and religious organizations.  Here are five reasons why you should choose Gov Doc Filing when you apply for an EIN for your business:


  • Gov Doc Filing Helps You Choose the Correct Entity Designation


The most difficult question on a Tax ID application is the one that asks about a business entity type.  The detailed information on Gov Doc Filing can help you decide whether to choose to form an LLC company or another type of company.


  • Gov Doc Filing Is the Fastest Way to Get an EIN


The online EIN application is short, and Gov Doc Filing helps you get an EIN quickly.  You can receive your EIN by email in as little as an hour.


  • Gov Doc Filing Can Help You File Other Official Forms


The Gov Doc Filing site has other official forms besides the EIN application.  You can file a change of address form or a “doing business as” form.


  • Gov Doc Filing Offers Other Business-Related Services at Reasonable Prices


Gov Doc Filing gives you access to many business services, such as payment processing, utilities, and business software.


  • You Can Get Legal Services for Your Business Through Gov Doc Filing


Gov Doc Filing can connect you to attorneys to help you with services that require professional legal expertise.

Visit Gov Doc Filing for the convenient EIN application process and have access to all the other business services.