5 signs you’re under too much stress

Life Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress, from teenagers to mid-aged adults, in the modern world no one is spared from a stressful situation. For some its entrance exam stress while for others, it might be for a job interview. In today’s world, a little stress level is considered normal and often is termed as ‘being a good motivator’. However, being burdened by a single thought or thing and subsequently, being stressed about is not a healthy habit. Counseling for anxiety and stress is bound to help those who are under extreme stress.


If you are reading this then you probably feel that you or someone you know is under too much stress. There are various signs that easily show when someone is extremely stressed. We have shortlisted 5 most easily recognizable signs. Have a look:

1. Trouble in sleeping soundly

This is the most visible sign that you are under stress. Unable to sleep properly or not being able to sleep at all, i.e. being insomniac, are sure shot signs of high-level stress levels. A healthy and fixed sleep routine of 6-8 hours is a must for every individual, we all know this but if you unable to do this and instead, stay up late thinking or, are unable to sleep even after trying, this might indicate that you are in deep stress or anxiety.

2. A constant headache

If you experience throbbing pain in your head or temple area, then there is a good chance that it might be due to stress or tension. This pain may or may not be on a constant basis. In case, you are having extreme headache like “migraine headaches” or the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night then you need to visit a doctor immediately, as these are signs of a dangerous health problem.

3. Unpredictable mood swings

When you are going through extreme stress or anxiety it is likely that you become moody. There will be times when you don’t feel like talking to anyone and others when you’ll be rude to others. You might even feel constantly irritable. This is probably because you no discussing or solving the matter that is putting you under stress

4. Lack of concentration or motivation

When you’re under too much stress, it’s possible that you feel overwhelmed by the work load or situation and might lose the motivation to get started or continue working. It’s adviced that you take a short break to relax yourself and refresh your mind with good vibes.

5. Overeating or under eating

Change in your typical eating habits is clear sign stress and anxiety. Some people react by eating more than they usually do and often overeat while others might start under eating. It’s scientifically proven that when something is bothering you internally, it will sooner or later show externally.

If you are experiencing one or more of these factors, then you are surely undergoing through too much stress or anxiety. The best way to get out of this situation is by curing it with special anxiety counseling or stress counseling. Counselors can perfectly help you in solving any stressful situation of yours by giving practical guidelines. We’ll suggest you opt for online chat or phone call counseling sessions, as these are time-saving and at the same time provide you with the option of freely discussing your issues. Dial My Angel is one of the best companies providing online stress and anxiety counseling service with a team of professional counselors.


Summary: Are you wondering whether or not you are under stress and anxiety? It’s known that when you are under too much stress, your body and behaviour tends to show it in various ways, unintentionally. To help you figure this out easily, we have mentioned 5 signs that anyone who’s under stress shows. If you think you are under way too much stress and can’t cope up with it then you need to take stress and anxiety counseling immediately.