Zinc hardware is the new craze in the contemporary interior designs. Interior designer world over know the appeal that hardware fittings can add to a space and therefore, they pay particular attention in selecting a hardware. They look for hardware that is stylish and durable. And zinc hardware manufacturers are experts in designing and creating hardware that is elegant and sturdy.

In this article, we will list some zinc hardware that can really stand out and enhance the interiors of your residential or commercial space. Before we proceed, let’s understand the basic.

Why Is Zinc So Popularly Used?

Zinc has anti-corrosive properties and therefore it is considered a great ingredient for alloy like brass. Apart from this, Zinc has a natural visual appeal which can be enhanced by further polish or rubbing.

Which Zinc Hardware Are Available in the Market?

A lot of hardware made of zinc is available in the market. But, the main focus of this article in on the hardware that can be used to add a pop to your interiors. Let’s take a look at some of those:

  • Zinc Handles: Handles solve a very important purpose in any furniture item and therefore most of the time while selecting a handle, we tend to focus on the robustness. But, what if you can get a stylish handle that is sturdy as well. That is exactly what zinc handles can do. The available range in the market has handles which are designer and have a great finish.
  • Zinc Curtain Brackets: We all understand how curtains contribute to the look of the house and we often overlook curtain brackets. But, the trendy curtain brackets can take the entire look a notch up. Try to pick the curtain bracket that meets your interior design from the range of sophisticated to modish brackets.
  • Zinc Hooks: Hooks are one of the required items in bathrooms and bedrooms and you would not want to spoil the look with some mediocre hooks. Opt for zinc hooks which are available in different styles, finish, shapes, and sizes.
  • Zinc Knobs: Knobs of our kitchen cabinet are often subjected to wet hands, spices, etc. and therefore, it is important that these knobs are made of a durable material. We all know that zinc is durable; but what makes it an interior designer’s choice is the range that is available in zinc.
  • Zinc Taps: Another useful hardware that can change the look of the entire set-up. Taps made out of Zinc are corrosion resistant and at the same time they are available in unimaginable styles and finishes. From antique finish to modern chic look, Zinc taps are the best when it comes to interiors. Zinc hardware manufacturers would vouch that this is the most sought after zinc hardware.

Please note that the hardware listed above are not made of pure zinc; these are usually made of alloys with higher concentration of zinc. Contact your manufacturer for more details on the composition.