Most of the present people depend on herbal or Ayurvedic products to fight against the diseases and

the occurrence of the same. The reason for the growing importance of these products is nothing but the

benefits of side effects. Yes, herbal and ayurvedic products are completely free from the side effects

when they are taken in right proportion. An excellent ayurvedic preparation made from the extracts of

karela and jamun is one of the ever-best combinations to bring several health benefits to the body.

Most of the people are aware about the benefits of karela jamun juice. It is found that some people

talks about side effects of the juice. But the truth is that there is nothing like karela jamun juice side

effect when it is consumed in the right proportion. Here are the important benefits of juice for you.

Fight against diabetes

Karela jamun juice works effectively for the patients who are suffering from diabetes. Regular usage of

the juice helps the people to manage the blood sugar levels. With the chemical combination of peptides,

alkaloids and charantin or what called saponins, karela prevents frequent blood sugar drops which is

one of the main factors to cause uncontrolled diabetes. Jamun extract regulates body metabolism by

the gradual conversion of starch in to sugar. This in turn controls blood sugar.

Rich in anti-cancer substance

Karela and Jamun are rich in anti-cancer substance. Karela contains a chemical named 16-dihydroxy- a-

eleosteraic acid to protect the cells from cancer. Apart from that, the natural antioxidants of this fruit

help destroy the existing cancer cells and also prevent the growth and formation of cancer cells. Jamun

provide chemo protective, radio protective and anti-neoplastic properties to prevent cancer.

Immunity and Digestion

Apart from that, the juice promotes defence mechanism of the body and also promotes healthy

digestion. Proper digestion and high-level immunity keep the body safe from the occurrence of the


Nutritional elements of karela

Karela is said to be the powerhouse of important vitamins and nutrients. Apart from that, the fruit is

also rich in beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, fibre, manganese, zinc, folic, magnesium, vitamins C, B1,

B2 and B3. Karela is one of the easily available vegetables and hence the juice can be made at cheaper


Nutritional elements of Jamun

Contents of jamun assure good health for the individual consuming it on regular basis. The fruit is rich in

carbohydrates, phosphorous, calcium, manganese and potassium. The fruit is also rich in vitamin A, B

and C. The important factor of Jamun is its purple pigment due to the presence of active substances

including peonidin, malvidin, cyanidin, petunidin and delphinidin.

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