Benefits Of Led Variable Message Signs


Variable  Message Signs: Variable message signs have following qualities-

  • It is perfectly clear and perfect legibility in all conditions.
  • lifetime commitments for reducing cost of ownership up to 60%
  • Make an industry standard
  • The easy maintenance
  • Superb optical performance
  • Extremely low power consumption, and much more.
  • It is a money saver, used green technology.
  • Provides the highest level of reliability and traffic safety.
  • Eliminates all major functions and mechanical problems of traditional signs.
  • It’s all body waterproof (hermetically sealed) modules, housing all electronics and optics.
  • Used for all kinds of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) – Lane Control Signs (LCS), Variable Message Signs (VMS), Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS).

Benefits of LED Variable message signs:  these are some benefits of LED Variable message signs are:

  • Worldwide integration in traffic management systems using different interfaces.
  •  It’s protocols for control and data exchange
  • The patented LED optical system:
    1.  Provides highest optical performance
    2. Directs the LED light to where it is needed
    3.  Allows 90% reduction of LED forward current, maintaining all optical requirements during the whole life cycle.
  • All LEDs are continuously monitored, even when they are off; LED status will be reported to the traffic center or to a local control
  • It is certified by SGS/INTRON
  • Its pixel pitch options are 12 mm to 35 mm wide range, fitting to any application
  • The operating system of the variable message sign provides permanent diagnosis and reports any error status to the central system
  • It has full traceability of all assemblies used in the internal data base
  • A pulse width modulated constant current at a very low level increases LED life time and avoids ageing effects and luminosity losses
  • Use LED technology of cutting edge.
  • Only highest quality LEDs from renowned manufacturers are used
  • It has Higher resolution by small pixel pitch (12mm with RGB) fulfilling strongest EN 12966 requirements (including contrast)
  • It is replacing quick and easy way without using any tools.
  • Providing power supply reliable for the LED displays and controller
  • Optimized stability by proven construction
  • low weight by weight-saving construction using non-corrosive aluminum or stainless steel reduces costs of structural system
  • attractive and modern design
  • adaptable to different ambient light conditions
  • integrated sensors for temperature and light

Mobile variable message signs proves the most effective way to promote your Business. Electronic led ticker tape signs are proven as one of the best accessible ways to promote the business. Led variable message signs Instead of going for newspaper, radio or magazines people are quite interested in advertising their product with the help of a Led ticker display. It is the beneficial way to increase the demand of the product. In the last few years it is also proved that the growth of a business is incremented up to 25% due to a use of it. This process is quite costly, but it is recommended as the best service provider nowadays.

Basically led Variable Message Signs are used for the display the messages, warning signals or information about specific events to the people commuting on roads. These signs are efficiently used to warn the people of traffic congestion, speed limits, road work zones, accidents and other incidents. Led Variable Message Signs is a part of the Parking Guidance and Information System which is used to manage the modern city traffic and parking. In special cases, the Variable Message Sign is used to warn the duration and location of the accidents, inform about the traffic congestions, route modification, limited travel speeds and other important information.