Where – where, as in the photographic component Koreans have tried not to lose face, to equip its flagship double-wide-angle camera Sony IMX258 model. When working with the main camera switching between normal and wide modes directly at the top center of the working field. A grid itself is somewhat similar to those used in Canon SLR cameras. On the other hand, the camera of LG G6 contains functionality like presets and many manual settings. The main lens is equipped with optical stabilization and autofocus phase. LG is going to showcase its power by releasing LG G7 next year with the 12MP front camera and 22MP Dual lens back camera having 4K resolution.

The camera quality of G6 is really amazing. Shooting video in G6 supports both 4K and classical Full HD. In the latter case, the user can activate recording at 60 frames per second. This is especially good for those people who like to shoot action scenes. In LG G7, Company is going to add more options in this menu to enhance the enjoyment value of the G7 camera.

Talking further about the G6 camera, first, let’s estimate, it removes only the main camera and how the camera shoots in wide angle. Left – the image captured by the main camera on the right – double chamber. The naked eye can see that when the optional camera pictures become slightly darker. This is not surprising, because the aperture ratio of the main and additional cameras differ, 1.8 vs. 2.4. But, as experience has shown, the use of wide-angle mode is convenient when shooting large-scale objects and landscapes. In this camera mode, several peculiar effects of fish eyes, but not so much conspicuous. Hope, these little drawbacks of the G6 camera will be resolved by the up-to-date camera of G7.


The HDR camera quality of G6 is superb. Regarding the use of the camera in the classic mode, you should pay tribute – the quality and purity of the images on the LG G6 really stand out. Despite the cloudy weather for a few days, we were able to catch the moment and there is no rain to take several test shots. Especially liked the G6 working with HDR – quite correctly and not too aggressively; traced natural and nice looking colors and surprisingly accurate white balance. We hope the same for upcoming champ LG G7.

At night, the G6 camera position is not losing the quality of the pictures are also worthy of respect. But like almost all smartphones, night scenes are already being felt multiple noises. As for the video by LG G6, we did not have any complaints. A minimum of artifacts and again very correct work with HDR. Q when recording rollers caused a too sensitive image stabilizer. In our view, in this regard, Samsung S8 / S8 + working slightly more correct with image stabilizer. Wish, the upcoming LG G7 with its Dolby Vision or HDR 10 and 4K up-to-date camera quality – wide range of colors, great contrast and sharpness would take the company ahead.

Source: LGG7D.com