As a woman, your breasts are one of your best assets. These two fascinating mounds significantly symbolize your womanhood, and if you just became a mother, your breasts play an essential role during breastfeeding.

However, as captivating as your breasts are, they are not resistant to changes that may cause them to lose their youthful and firm appearance. Breast ptosis, or sagging, is a common problem for women. But thanks to advancements in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, it can be corrected through a breast lift.

Breast Lift: A Solution for Drooping Breasts

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure that addresses the issue of sagging or drooping breasts to make them more proportional to the rest of your body, while restoring its youthful and firmer appearance.

Specialists such as top Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Cara Downey employ a variety of breast lift techniques and have come to the aid of many women in need of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


“Breastfeeding is the biggest concern for many young mothers who undergo a breast lift”, says Dr. Downey. “These women want to restore their bodies, while maintaining the functions that allow them to care for their children.”


Breastfeeding: Will a breast lift surgery affect your ability to breastfeed?

In any breast surgery, being able to breastfeed is one of the primary concerns of women, especially if they are planning to build a family. Breastfeeding is a crucial decision because it is the first significant commitment women make as a mother.

As a mother herself, Dr. Downey strongly recommends mothers to breastfeed because of the various benefits that breast milk provides. These benefits include:

  • Complete nutrients in the first six months of life for the infant
  • Protection against infections and diseases
  • Reduced risk of acquiring allergies
  • Reduced probability of developing breast and ovarian cancer as well as heart and bone diseases for the mother
  • Burning extra calories (approximately 500 calories per day)
  • Aiding the uterus in returning to normal
  • Prolonging the interval of menstruation period

Breastfeeding after a breast lift is possible, but not guaranteed. Any breast operation can presumably affect your breastfeeding abilities. However, this also depends on the skill of the plastic surgeon in performing a breast lift.


“While surgical procedures on the breasts run the risks of hindering breastfeeding, we take great care to ensure that breastfeeding is still possible.” says Dr. Cara Downey. “During surgery, the underlying tissues are left unaltered as much as possible, keeping the mammary system intact to still allow breastfeeding after having the procedure.”


Milk Production after a Breast Lift

With that said, it brings us to another crucial question: how will a breast lift affect your milk production? While the ability to produce milk varies among women, having any breast surgeries can reduce the amount of milk that will be available to your child.

However, if lifting your breasts requires the complete removal of your nipple-areola complex during repositioning, your ability to produce milk is compromised.

The nipples and areola are attached to milk ducts and nerves. If this connection is severed during the surgery, it might become difficult for your child to stimulate the production of milk due to possible loss of nipple-areola sensation. Because of this, your child might receive an inadequate amount of milk Understanding The 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery.

You will still be able to provide colostrum, the first milk during pregnancy since it is hormonally produced. But it may be difficult to produce the mature milk for some time because its production is induced by nipple-areola stimulation.

Knowing these possibilities would significantly influence your decision of having a breast lift. However, all hope is not lost. Studies suggest that you can still successfully breastfeed your child if your breast surgery is at least five years before breastfeeding*.

“Over time, the ducts and nerves of the mammary system will heal through the processes of recanalization and reinnervation*”, adds Dr. Downey. “When these natural healing processes occur, there is a higher chance of producing enough supply of milk for your child in the future Why Hiring PCD Pharma Company is a Win-Win for All.”


Final Words

If you are deciding to have a breast lift, Dr. Downey suggests discussing any future pregnancy and breast feeding plans with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Through their expert advice, you will be able to reach a middle ground that would allow you to both undergo breast lift surgery and breastfeed your child in the future.

While the need to restore your body and the demands of motherhood may bring many women to a cross roads, both choices are equally fulfilling. Whichever you choose to commit to first, just remember that it will not hinder you from achieving your other goals and from becoming the woman you ought to be.