Booking apps are rapidly growing in popularity across the globe. Amazingly, the ubiquitous mobile technology has transformed the marketplace. It is now possible to run a business simply through a mobile application. The taxi services have been revolutionized with the advent of companies like Ola, Uber and Lyft.

Nothing compares to getting a taxi service which is best in class, easily accessible and ensures a smooth ride back home. The success of Ola and Uber has prompted several companies to join the competition. They are already onto the bandwagon to build their own taxi hailing service apps. Everyone is in a race to outclass the existing participants and enhance user experience. The success of Ola and Ubers of the world is due to the awesome taxi booking software they have built. They have made the entire taxi booking service an easy, fast and hassle-free experience for both users, drivers, and the taxi providers. So, how to build a taxi app like Ola which will be best suited for the current market?

The initial taxi booking apps of the radio taxi solutions were set up with simple tracking and booking services for the cabs along with the feature which allowed drivers to accept requests on their mobiles. Reconstructing the success of an Ola-like taxi dispatch software or mobile application that works in real time, enriched with features and technologically enhanced will certainly win over customer big time.

Taxi App for Existing or New Aggregator Platform

If you are planning to build a Taxi booking app like Ola, the whole range of work depends on if you have a running taxi service business already. If not, then in that case you need to build few solutions around it which includes a website, an admin panel and a mobile app. It is comparatively easier, less time consuming and pocket-friendly job to make a mobile for an existing taxi service business.

Choose the Platform

Next step is to zero in on the choice of a development platform, whether you will go for a native app or cross-platform app development. Try and understand completely the functionalities of these platforms before deciding upon the one that suits your requirements the best.

Get Help from Mobile App Development Company

If you know nothing about app designing then you must hire any Mobile App Development company to do it for you. The cost that App Development Company will take would split into various buckets. An online cab aggregator platform needs a software solution that carries all the basic features and offers flexibility for future additions.

Discuss how to build a taxi app like Ola with an experienced team of UX designers and developers to launch a successful online taxi booking clone. Share your website and mobile application requirements with the software developers clearly. Make your prospects in cab booking system brighter by incorporating cutting edge new features in your Taxi App.

In fact, you need to develop two apps for a cab hire business – Driver App and Passenger App and an admin panel

  1. Passenger App

First, let’s take a look at the passenger’s app. Taxi app like Ola have certain standard features in their design. These are Split fare, Share my ETA and the Pool. This is pretty basic which lets the user order cab, adjust payment methods and utilize or send vouchers.

The taxi app for passengers should have more than the basic features that will enhance their cab hiring experience. Therefore, a passenger app should be more comprehensive as a user has to perform more activities to find and hire a car. Essentially, these features will let passengers set up and manage their accounts. These include –

Registration, Account Overview & Update Profile, Card details (the main card and additional ones), Pickup locations (a dropdown with address results, add home and work), Request results (see available taxis on the map, review driver profiles), Select Car/Taxi Type, Fare calculator and Fare Quote, Split Fare, Send Request, Promo Code, Book Taxi/Cab, Driver tracking, Contact Driver, Share ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) with friends, Favourite Trips, Cancel Trip, Booking History, Processing payments, Change Mode of Payment in case more than one option is available, View Orders/Payments, Print/Download Payments Receipt in PDF Format, Push notifications, Review and Rate Drivers & Post Comments/Feedbacks.

  1. Driver App

The Driver’s App has all the feature that will provide a smooth and hassle-free ride for their passengers. This is the important part of the Taxi app as without the driver app passenger will not be able to connect with the driver and will have no one to drive them around.

Drivers are required to create their profile besides login so that he can start operating after authorization. The driver app will have various options to accept the ride, request for a trip and cancellation of ride request by giving reasons. It usually has less features and include basic functionality that will allow drivers to view and manage their account area features and options. These include –

Registration, View/Edit Profile, Dashboard Summary & Statistics, Driver Authorization & License Documents, Reply to booking requests i.e. accept/decline a booking, Set Availability Status regarding pickup/drop a passenger, Navigate to Destination, Interaction with Trip Supervisor or Manager, Booking history, Live Chat Support to users, Orders Monitoring & Completion Status, Transactions & Earning, SMS Alerts & Notifications, View Ratings & Feedbacks/Comments from users

  1. Admin Panel

Furthermore, these two taxi applications – driver side and passenger side – will require an admin panel to communicate between Apps and pass on the messages to and from the people who supervise the operation. API is required to develop for all the operating system for your Taxi app like Ola. The admin panel should have these basic features

Login, Dashboard, Admin profile and also allow for addition of other co-admins, Driver list with a booking history, payment history and profiles, Passenger list with a booking history, payment history and profiles, Settings with fare rates


Always go for a mobile application development team that offers maintenance of your app as well. Even though you may not have a plan to add new features but you need to keep your app updated and bugs free to keep pace with the new devices and new versions of operating software – iOS and Android.