To put it in simple words, low libido means an individual starts showing lesser interest in sexual activities. It is obvious that every person may lose interest in sex for a certain number of days. However, losing interest for a longer period of time does indicate trouble. It would not just harm the relation between two partners, but also indicates that the person showing lesser interest may be suffering from some or the other health issue. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons behind reduced interest in sexual activities.

Low testosterone level 

When it comes to listing some of the main hormones, testosterone would probably make it on the list of top five. This hormone plays the most important role in triggering sex drive, increasing sperm production, as well as in building bone mass and muscles.

A sudden drop in the levels of this hormone can immediately cause low libido. A doctor would conduct appropriate tests and recommend you to opt for testosterone supplements in such case.

Side effects of medicines

Some medicines, even those related to diabetes and blood pressure, can lower testosterone levels and in turn create problems in ejaculation. If you start experiencing sexual problems after consumption of some medicines, it’s advisable to discuss this issue with your doctor, so that he or she would suggest alternatives.

The age factor

Experts suggest that once men enter the age group 60-65, they start experiencing low libido. This is a natural process; libido remains high during the late teenage and reduces as the individual turns older. After 60, individual may take longer to arouse, ejaculate, and penis may require more time to erect.

High-intensity exercises

According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina’s researchers, you might end up affecting your sex drive while working hard in order to shrink your gut. High intensity exercises have often been linked with lower libido. If you notice the same, you can consider opting for steroids that can help you deal with low libido during your cycle. You can consider opting for steroids like Anavar. This is suitable for both, men and women.

Stress can impact sex life

It’s well-known that hormone levels can be easily disrupted due to stress. Individual might experience lesser sexual desire due to high pressure. Recently, a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease pointed out that erectile dysfunction can be caused due to narrow arteries while the individual goes through extreme stress. This directly affects the person’s sex life.  Just like stress, even depression can reduce an individual’s interest in pleasurable activities like sex.

Sleep-related disorders

 Men suffering from sleep related disorders often experience low libido and lesser interest in sex. This is because of reduced sleep which results in lower testosterone levels. Older men report problems related to sleep as well as lower testosterone levels according to the study published by Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Approaching a physician and getting a recommendation for the right steroid to be the best option for such people.