Check out the best Apple FaceTime replacement Apps for Android!


in today’s techy era, Video calling has become a mainstream way of communication. At current times, the chat apps including Apple’s very popular FaceTime also includes the video chatting feature. If we see any chat apps without having the video functionality concept feels like it is falling behind the current times. If any user wants to hang out face-to-face with its friends and relatives, below are some great video calling apps for android users.

Google Duo: Google Duo can also be termed as a better version of Allo. Well, Google Duo is quite a popular application, and already many of us are using it. If still, you are not using it then better download it now on your device. Currently, this app is the best app for all the Android users. The most liked feature of this app is that the users don’t have to stroll through the Google Play Store and find it from the bunch of other video calling apps and download it to get started. This application is pre-installed on any android device.

Whenever you need to get started just open it, confirm the phone number and you are done with the procedure of downloading the app. When it’s a Google product, you don’t have to think about the quality of the video and chat. The knock knock feature in the application gives you the feeling that you are visiting your friend or family and watching them alive.

Skype: Nowadays everyone is aware of Skype. It’s the most popular name in the video calling apps and as you would expect that it is an Android app. Skype boasts of having more than 250 million user base which is quite a significant number. This app has undergone enough changes and over the last years as well. This app features the clean texting service and voice calling feature as well. This app is available on the cross-platform. Therefore it is widely used in different platforms over different devices.

WhatsApp Messenger: Another free video calling and chat app for Android users is WhatsApp. WhatsApp lets the users text someone, make the voice calls and video calls. As the app is launched on your device, there is a tap button to call someone on the upper right side. The users will see the list of contacts who are already using WhatsApp are ready to call them. Tap on the video camera option, and then your video will start immediately. As we know that WhatsApp supports Windows and Macs, so users can send and receive video calls through computers as well.

Facebook Messenger: If you are one of the frequent users of Facebook amongst 2 billion users, you must be having Facebook Messenger app. If not, then download this popular app from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Messenger has started its journey as a chat app, but now it also supports video calls. Facebook messenger does not come pre-installed on your Android device. According to the fact, its quite an astonishing fact that Facebook messenger had broader user base than Google Duo. Comparing the video calling quality, the Android app development, Google Duo has much better quality still people are using Facebook Messenger more.