Let’s say 22 (UPI) – The Chinese government warned Friday that its aim is to make every important effort to maintain its interests, if the collective states have implemented new tax on import from the Asian country.

An announcement from Beijing said that China will come back if the China Donald Trophy eliminates the new levy on billions of dollars of Chinese products.

On Thursday, Trap must report a 60-year-old new levy on certain Chinese rows.

Beijing’s Service of Business said in an announcement on Friday that China will definitely take every possible step in finding its essential blue rights and interests.

Trump has said that new duties will help reduce China’s $ 375 billion reduction in the US exchange, while they say they are out of China’s exchange lips. The management will affect the imports that nearly 10 percent Chinese products have been sent to countries developed one year ago.

On the occasion set up on this occasion, this will be the first part of the Trump Organization, which should have restrictions with China’s direct restrictions. The current promise of organization implies China to force duties on steel, aluminum and sun-running boards similarly.

Ho Chi Mining, Remote Service Representative said China-US. Financial relations are generally helpful, many markets have opened and a significant number of jobs have been done in both the countries in recent 40 years.

“[A] Exchange warfare will only create the wash. The amazing incredible ‘super-protective layer’ that does not detect anyone from any harm is available only.” “We do not need any exchange with anyone, however, on the occasion when our hands are restricted, we will not waste or return from it.”

“On this occasion when the United States took steps to harm our interests, we would take steps to protect our believers, to promote good and interest.”

After collecting a news on Wednesday, the air said that apart from exchange with China, there has also been financial burden for US families. In 2015, China – US. He said the exchange spare spray of every family by $ 850 and helped big .