An Abaya is an outer garment that is worn by women in certain regions of the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia along with the Arabian Gulf region. The Abaya is floor-length, long-sleeved, and conventionally black. It is worn over street clothes whenever a woman leaves her home and it is designed to be flowing and loose, hiding the body’s “curves”. The Abaya might slip over the head, however, it generally opens in the front and closing with snaps, overlapping layers, or a zipper.

Nowadays, Abayas are very famous, specifically, in Arab culture. It is very important for a woman wearing Abaya whenever going out if that woman is with her Mahram. Expats are not very much aware that which type of Abayas they need to wear, particularly ones, who are involved with the western culture. Abaya must be sufficiently sophisticated to fulfill its motive of the veil as well as it need not be very much glittering, appealing or eye-catching. Therefore, underneath is a description of some useful tips through which you can purchase a decent Abaya.

Keep it Sleek and Simple: Some of the women go for beats, color contrast, eye-catching accessories, and shiny laces. The appropriate look it provides while one keeps is simple properly matching your personality. You should not match contrasting stripes. For best abaya designs, you can consult an expert in this field.

Pick Decent Colors: Colorful Abayas is not involved with any harm, however, the most preferred color for Abaya is evergreen black. Some other colors might match your personality, however, black colors match to each occasion whether it is a wedding or funeral ceremony.

Do not Select Fitted Abayas: Too fitted Abayas do not fulfill the motive of the veil, it provides you with a strange look as well. You might become the subject of commentary for others. Therefore, it is better to avoid these shear Abayas.

Be Careful while Selecting Fabric: It is crucial to select the appropriate kind of stuff for Abaya in all seasons. Light fabric for the summer season as well as a heavier one for the winter season is suitable. In case you wear the same type of stuff, all around the year, then it might suffocate you. Black or brown Farwa fabric is also appropriate for cold weather, however, one should avoid it strictly in times of summers.

Design Your Own Abaya: So many shops are there from where you can purchase a ready-made and stitched Abaya. However, if you think that nothing is there that suits your personality, then you may design your own.

The fabric is Cheap: The rate, involved with fabrics, is same everywhere. You need not pay way higher price for this stuff at any shop. You can search for the stylish abayas online.

Customize Your Abaya: If you have purchased a stitched Abaya and in case you do not like some aspects of it, then it can be customized from anywhere by spending a little.

In some countries, a similar garment of Abaya is called burka or chador, however, these are designed as well as worn somewhat differently.