If there is one grooming product that can make or break your look, it is the perfume or fragrance that you use. There are people who spend hours together for research before picking the right perfume for them. A perfume usually is made of a top, a middle (heart) and a base note. The different essences of these notes give rise to varied scents. The advantage of buying branded perfumes is that they are created by top perfumers of the world. These are people who know the latest trends and the actual art of perfume making and can create combinations that elevate your mood and your personality.

The history behind perfumes

The history of perfumes goes back to almost the second millennium BC. People have been mastering the art of creating fragrances from natural sources and this craze for smelling and feeling good is strong till date. The word perfume is derived from Latin and means to ‘smoke through’.

Zohoor Alreef is a brand you should definitely check if luxurious, world class perfumes are what you seek. The brand is in existence since 1991 and the founders are leaders in creating hand crafted, natural perfumes. There are so many types and brands of perfumes you can choose from and every one of them is unique and specially created just for you.

Choosing the right perfume

Perfumes have one of the strongest concentration of essences and are created to last the whole day. Each scent does different work to your body and mind. Few help you feel fresh, few are flirtatious while others are perfect for work. Decide the occasion for which you are choosing the perfume. Identify the top and heart and base notes based on this. Perfumes are one of the best fragrance types you can buy because they slowly release all three notes over the day. This means that they last longer and are more noticeable. Good perfumes cost you a little extra than other random products in the market. However, just a little dab of these on your skin keeps your fresh all day long.

Top brands like the Zohoor Alreef also have perfumes for sale. When you can identify these sale periods, you can get hold of your favorite perfume and save hard earned money. These are ways the brand gives back to its loyal customers and keeps them happy and excited.