The ability to identify the worth of a horse racing betting tip is extremely difficult, with experienced punters sometimes struggling as much as those who are yet to fathom how betting on the sport actually works. You’ll find an almost endless selection of places where you can back free horse racing tips that are chosen by those who are supposedly in-the-know but working out the good from the bad is easier than it sounds.

If you’re looking for free horse racing tips to bet on, there’s many avenues that could lead you to exactly what you’re after. Horse racing holds several primary methods of placing a bet and you’ll be able to show more accuracy with your own bets after you’ve established which option you’re more drawn to.

Horse racing betting markets include:

Win or Each Way

Picking whether you’re backing your bets to win or to place is a crucial factor when it comes to betting on horse racing, as you aren’t able to promote both options like you’ll see on The Winners Enclosure’s tips pages. Instead, you’re best choosing between the two, which can only be done properly after working out the positives and negatives surrounding them.

By backing to win, your chosen horse is only able to finish first, with any other result counting as a loss, but through backing to place, you’re given more chance of winning through it being allowed to complete the race within a chosen number of places offered by the specific bookmaker.


Although it’s often overestimated by those who are yet to learn of its meaning, NAPs are one of the easiest terms used by those offering free horse racing tips. Sometimes referred to as a NAP of the Day due to their regular appearance on betting sites, a NAP is a way of identifying the most likely horse to win their next race from all in contention.

Lucky 15s

Ranking as one of the more advanced means of betting on free horse racing tips, a Lucky 15 is a very specific betting market. You’ll find the Lucky 15 market in your betslip when you go to back your bet. It’s a way of betting on four chosen horses where your selections are drawn into a total of fifteen bets. These tie each selection together in every possible variation and they guarantee some big returns if all four horses win, potentially leading to some smaller returns even if only a couple of your chosen horses are able to win.