Cyberore never happened: how did Obama support a countdown against Russia


In the summer of 2016, as a proof of Russian intervention in U.S. elections, a team in White House began to work on a massive scale against Russian media, Carmen Scholarship and personally Putin. National Security Advisor Susan Rice ordered the staff to “stand up”.

Talking about the details of the project, and the discussion within the administration, how to attack Moscow aggressively, in a new book, “Russian Roulette: The Battle of Putin and the Donald Trip on America” , Said in a new book, “Michael Isikoff and David Corn, the Mini Jones of the Washington Bureau.

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Counter forces had given brain brain to the Russian security expert, Michael Daniels, White House cybercity coordinator, and Celeste Wallander head of the National Security Council. One suggestion was that to reach NSA’s far-reach access to cybertax: to eliminate Russia’s created websites, Gokffer 2.0 and DCL-BX, which were stolen from the Democratic Goals and Taking memo Russia’s news sites will turn them off on a refusal to attack a refusal service with automatic traffic wave to bombard them; and themselves to start the attack on Russian Russian intelligence agencies, their commander and control nodes Tried to expose.

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Daniel told Isikoff and Corn, “I want to send a signal that we will not tolerate obstacles in our electoral process.” “Strongly emphasizing the Russians we can try to push back.”

Walter held secret secret samples in Latvia held for Putin’s daughters in order to show secret bank accounts. State Secretary of State for European Affairs, who worked with Victoria Nelland, prepared other suggestions: Putin to dump Russians on Putin’s money, Russian President Putin’s UN officials about Russia’s money About the corruption in the party. The idea was that Putin enjoys his medicine. “We want Putin to raise such a price,” says Nelland.

But the “signal” was never sent to Daniel; President’s homeland security advisor Rice and Lisa Monaco had finished the project, which had worried that if the project’s news put it in “President President” Give and put pressure on them. One day at the end of a day according to the icecake and makeup, Rice called Daniel at her office and ordered him to “stand” and “knock it.” White House was not ready to verify these ideas. Rice warned that “do not go ahead of us”.

Daniel returned to the office. He told one of his contracts that “it was a talented national security adviser Read more.”