A de facto relationship breakdown is one of the painful things that one can undergo, this is because you cannot only lose your partner, but you can also easily lose the assets that you have acquired tirelessly. That is why here at itsover.com we normally do our level best in providing you with the guidelines. This guideline will allow you to survive a de facto relationship breakdown especially when it comes to protecting your assets. One of the vital strategies that will allow you to protect your financials is the de facto financial agreement. This agreement is also very essential when it comes to de facto settlement. For the de facto financial agreement to be valid then you must prepare it in front of a lawyer. This is because a de facto financial agreement is legal documents.

Having binding financial agreements when in a de facto relationship will not only help you protect your assets but it will also play a critical role when it comes to helping you save time and cash required in the family courts when it comes to de facto property settlements. We are the right platform when it comes to protecting your assets when in a de facto relationship. The de facto financial agreements do not include the daily expenditures on food and other needs that the two of you have incurred. A de facto relationship has only the assets and other properties that the two of you have acquired together.