Why Every Modern Indian Woman Should Know about Self-Defense


In the recent years, it has been found that criminal activities have increased to a great extent. The victims of such activities are both the sexes. If you are a woman, then it is of prime importance that you must know how to protect yourself from any adverse situation. It is not possible to get back home right after dusk especially if you are working. The night is considered to be the most horrifying time when the criminal activities double if compared with the day. Thus, it is essential that you must carry in your bag a self-defense weapon to protect yourself.

Overview On Self Defense Weapon – A wide variety of weapon for self defense for women are available in the market, but the most popular and common of all is the pepper spray. It is considered as the best self-defense weapon for the woman that is widely available. If you sense anything while traveling alone, this spray comes to your aid and helps you to overcome the situation. The spray bottle is small, and you can easily carry in your bag. So, when you think of carrying a self-defense weapon in your bag, think of the spray.

Effects – The pepper spray is in demand across the globe among the women as it is highly effective in fighting off the criminals. When you have the spray in your bag, you do not have to worry about returning home late at night from your workplace. The spray when comes in direct contact with the eyes cause the eyes to slam shut. It can instantly create a respiratory problem and can even lead to choking. Coughing will start immediately, and a burning sensation to the skin will also occur. The effects get a lesson in 45 minutes approximately. So, you get ample time to move away to a safe location.

Safety Measures And Storage – In the recent years, self defense for women has become imperative. With the emergence of a variety of safety weapons for women, at times, it becomes difficult for the women to choose the best self-defense weapon. If you are also not an exception, then there is no other better option than getting hold of a spray bottle that comprises pepper. It is highly effective but makes sure that you keep out of reach of children as it is a strong irritant. The spray bottle must be stored in a cool, dry place away from flame, heat and strong light. The spray containing pepper has a shelf life of 4 years, and each bottle comes with an expiration date. After the expiration, the bottle must be disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.

The Bottom Line – It is indeed important that all women across the globe must be aware of the weapons for self-defense which is widely available on the market. When the weapon, to be precise, spray made of pepper considered as the best safety weapon for women is there in your bag, you can indeed have complete peace of mind and can travel all alone at any time of the day.