Anyone who has experienced skin growths caused by this virus called HPV (human papillomavirus), will tell you that there is nothing pleasant about warts. The removal of warts however isn’t a big concern nowadays, thanks to the advancement in medicine. Professional warts treatment Singapore  like the Elyonclinic in Singapore, with their expertise in this field, are just the remedy for such skin conditions.

Warts appear when HPV comes in contact with, and infects the top layer of the skin, causing an accelerated growth. Most warts are known to heal and subside, even though it may take from a month to a few years to completely go away. These can appear anywhere in the body, but most often the more common type of warts occurs on the hands. Another kind, known as the Plantar warts, tend to grow on the foot soles.

The symptoms of warts can be very generic, with small bumps of grainy texture, rough skin or black dots sprinkled on the skin. A wart removal clinic will be able to detect it even at a nascent stage. Warts are not dangerous but they are contagious. It can spread from your own touch to different parts of your body, or you can get infected by a person with HPV, causing warts on your body. Minor warts can be treated with home remedies, but warts that get painful can cause discomfort should not be taken lightly.

Therefore, it is recommended to get it checked and treated by a specialist in a wart removal clinic. Removal may sometimes involve minor surgery for the difficult cases. Singapore’s Elyonclinic is specifically equipped with specialist physicians for the treatment and removal of superficial lesions on the skin by means of cryosurgery.

Elyonclinic treats various kinds of warts ranging from genital warts, plantar, common warts and so on. Though treatment is available, one can still take preventive measures to avoid the spread of warts by not touching the infected area, but keeping it covered. Maintaining a distance from others who are infected, not sharing personal items like razor, shoes, socks and towels, etc. also help.