Four Tips to Help Kids Eat More Vegetables

4 Tips to Help Kids Eat More Vegetables

As we know, taste cannot be argued about. If your child prefers a red cabinet instead of a cabinet in a timeless pine look, as YOU might like, then it can easily have the red cabinet.

The food is a little different. During the red cupboard in your eyes just looks horrible, but otherwise relatively has little effect on the well-being of your child, the wrong food can your child’s health affect significantly.

Tip 1 – Check your own diet

Of course, if you are reluctant to eat vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, or sprouts, and you only have those foods on your own plate in almost invisible portions, then it’s understandable that your child does not recognize eating things that no one else seems to eat eats differently in the family.

Yes, it is sufficient if only one parent or older sibling is (and gets) Coke, sweets, chips and ready-made pizza – and your little one wants those things too.

So it’s not about who wins the next power struggle at the table, but about parents having to fulfill their role as role models – not just when the child is three, four or five years old, but from the beginning.

Tip 2 – Find out what your child likes

There is broccoli and her kid hates broccoli. What do you do? They say:

Eat the broccoli or leave it. There is nothing else.

Do you really want your child to sit unhappily at the table and get up hungry? No! No mother wants that and no father wants that. But then take away the broccoli and replace it with the desired Nutella pancake, your child will be in the foreseeable future hardly a vegetable fan. So what to do?

First, find out if your child might just not like broccoli but would rather eat other vegetables. If necessary, try the entire range of vegetables in your nearby weekly market. Do not under any circumstances stress that you are doing all this extra for your child.

They just want the WHOLE family varied diets to treat, not behind it. So do not hold your vegetable moan with bated breath, whether he or she likes this or that vegetable now or not.

Make the situation lose and unobtrusive. If it then turns out that your child only likes two or three of the many vegetables there are, that’s already a great success, as it did not eat vegetables at all before. However, we are sure that if you follow the tips below, your child will eat a lot more vegetables, fruits and many other healthy foods.

Tip 3 – vegetables for children

If you have a vegetable muffle at home, you should probably not on the first day of his “My child is vegetable lovers” project sprouts or spinach serve. Start with mild and more colorful vegetables such. Like carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, turnips, peppers, zucchini or the most delicious of all the pumpkins, the Hokkaido pumpkin (us is not a child knowing that would not eat this pumpkin with pleasure). If you have a garden, you could create a “magic garden” and plant vegetables for children and berries there.

Tip 4 – vegetable recipes for children

Remember that children like to eat very easily. You do not need exotic spices or many ingredients. It is quite sufficient if the vegetables are a little steamed and served with some organic butter or almond purée.

Salads are usually extremely popular if they contain a sweet taste. Prepare for a juicy carrot salad of finely shredded carrots and a little-grated apple to. A dressing, in the freshly squeezed orange juice to vinegar or lemon juice replaced, ensures enthusiastic faces when the salad is on the table.