The number of types of written academic assignments is wide and all those papers have the structure of their own.Nevertheless, one simplified writing structure offers a strict standard of the article organization. You know it. It is applicable to many types of writing (from personal essay to research paper writing). This is a basic structure (we get acquainted with it at school). It is named five-paragraph essay. It got its name due to the number of constituting segments that is equal to five: introduction, main part 1, main part 2, main part 3, and conclusion. Every segment performs specific functions. Thus, the article represents a complete idea. All you need to offer a worthy five-paragraph essay is to fulfill the obligatory demands as for such type of construction.


The Introduction

This segment of the article provides a presentation of the main idea of the whole work. The core sentence included in this part of work is the thesis. It should express the position of the author as for the question in discussion. One more important element of the introductory part is the bright beginning (should be placed first before the thesis), which should attract the audience offering some food for thought or intrigue. Thus, the reader finds it important to proceed with reading. Contrasting or surprising information, impressive statistics, a kind of paradox can result in such effect.

Having attracted the reader the author should provide thesis to allow him get to acquainted with the opinion of the writer on the chosen theme. Further, include the enumeration and short description of the evidence enlightened in the main part. Thus, the audience will understand what the work is about and will be guided to the main section offering detailed information. Usually, this chapter is about three or four sentences length. This is your chance to make a decent first impression, use it properly.

The Main Part

This segment of the five-paragraph essay includes three body paragraphs that offer details to your writing and provides proofs to the thesis statement. The first paragraph needs the strongest proof. The exceptions are provided for the chronologic presentation. The first sentence of the paragraph expresses the connection with the topic and serve a link between the thesis and the evidence. The reader should get a thorough explanation of what kind of proof offers the example and what is its value. Such context is of great importance.

For a better presentation of the information and the connections between the paragraphs of the main section the linking elements are needed. The conjunctive phrases (therefore, hereafter, etc.) can’t be overestimated.

The Conclusion

Being the last segment of the essay this section is no less valuable than the first one. It is your last opportunity to influence the impression on the reader. Five sentences are enough to summarize the information offered in first two sections of work.

Start it with a proper transition and the reference to the catchy beginning of the introduction. Continue with the thesis restatement. Due to the integration of thesis in the paragraphs of the main body it should be the fifth time you come back to it. Make confident you use varied words to express it in the body. The conclusion thesis presentation offers partial use of expressions from the introductory, but do not repeat the same phrases. Mind: this is your last chance to show how creative you are to impress the reader. The short enumeration of the provided evidence is the next obligatory element.  The last segment is a strategic sentence that should sound impressive signifying the end of discussion.