It is such a terrible experience of being infested by fleas on hair! Nobody wants to gain experience in this field, however, not everything happens like your wants. When you raise a pet, it is highly possible for this chance as fleas often live on and suck your pet. In the long run, you might be sucked also, and your hair is in danger. Absolutely, you don’t want to take a risk to use chemical products because they will cause damage for your perfect hair; however, you also can’t stand fleas. What can you do? Don’t worry as home remedies are always available.

Baking soda and water

First, make use of the paste of baking soda and water. So simple to do it yourself at home. Prepare some baking soda, pour water gradually and stir well until they become a paste. Rub it into your hair and leave it to rest for at least 15 minutes. Wear a shower cap, and you completely do whatever you want during wait time.

Second, prepare warm water, turn on water tap and let it run continuously. Wash baking soda off your hair under it. Take a fine comb to comb your hair from the root to the end, and rinse it off all over. This action will help extract all eggs that can cling to your hair.

Apple cider vinegar

Talking about home remedies for fleas, we cannot skipapple cider vinegar, which is an acidic substance making contribution to flea elimination on pets and in gardens. Now, it is highly recommended to apply it to your hair. Mix apply cider vinegar with water, then soak your hair. Do the next steps as same as the steps of baking soda, from leaving it to rest, using a comb to rinsing off.

Lemon-scented shampoo

Lemon-scented shampoo is believed to bring infested people flying results. In fact, fleas do not like lemon fragrance. Apply the soap all over your hair and make it lather well. Don’t forget to massage your scalp to ease flea eggs. Next, like using baking soda, just utilize a comb to comb thoroughly. Rinse it off in the end.

Tea tree oil shampoo

According to experts, the tea tree oil is considered as “anti-parasitic” and “anti-microbial”; as a result, it is understandable to use it to get rid of fleas and theirstubborn eggs. Take advantage of tea tree oil shampoo as usual, and enjoy the satisfactory outcomes.

Right after you expel all fleas on your hair, it is time to treat other attacked areas such as your home, your garden, and especially your pets. For these areas, it may be not mandatory to use organic treatments, but in all cases non-toxic remedies are often highly appreciated as they are good for your health. For pets, baking soda and apple cider vinegar still are useful methods.


For gardens, you can consider to grow some plants like rosemary and peppermint around your house to prevent it from being attacked by fleas. Last, for your house, keep in your mind to clean and vacuum all potential areas such as: curtains, mattress, carpets.


One more important thing, when you know exactly where they hide, flea elimination is not a big deal anymore. Generally, they prefer damp, dark areas; therefore, pay attention to dead leaves, trash piles in your garden and garret or basement in your house. Don’t let every effort go up in smoke and be attacked again.


There are many materials around us to deal with fleas. Just give them a shot and you will not be disappointed. They are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, so why not?