If you ask any furniture dealer about taking care of wooden furniture, he would suggest you to keep your wooden sofa or chair away from direct sunlight and moisture. It is because sunlight and extreme heat is among the biggest culprits of damage to furniture. Sunlight is responsible for fading and degrading of your wooden furniture.

If it is not possible to keep your wooden sofa away from sunlight, you must install window shades or special UV protecting window film can be pasted on the top of windows. This will provide protection to your wooden furniture from harmful UV rays.

Extreme Temperature Or Moisture Makes Your Wooden Furniture Cracking

Wood is highly sensitive to moisture and temperature changes. Excessive heat or moisture content can cause wood to contract or expand. This contraction or expansion in wood leads to wood splitting, warping, or cracking. This will ruin the quality of the wood and may deform it.

Never Put Hot Objects or Cold Drinks Directly On The Top Of Your Wooden Table

Be cautious when putting hot meal or drink on top of your wooden table. Excessive heat released from the pots, pans or dishes can melt or damage the wood furniture finish. You should use a buffer or a pot holder before placing the pot on the table.

Condensation from cold drinks and other things can result in blooming. It may turn the transparent coating or finish of the furniture into milky or cloudy. If you notice such thing, you should rub out the cloudiness with a soft dry cloth to prevent damage to your furniture.

Don’t Use Acids To Clean Your Wooden Surfaces And Cabinet Handles

Acids will react with the paint and surface of the wood and handles. It will destroy the finish and color of the furniture. It is advisable not to use acids to clean your furniture and its fittings.

Simply wipe off the dust and debris from your wood furniture every day using dry cotton cloth. If the stains are rigid, you can try using soapy mix and damp your soft cloth and rub on the stain. Clean the surface with dry cloth again.

Don’t treat scratches your own. Call professionals for assistance.

For more tips and suggestions, you can contact suppliers and manufacturers of furniture and cabinet handles India. You can even write to them and share your requirements to avail premium range of furniture fittings.