Four years ago Google revolutionized the way to consume streaming content with its Chromecast, the best device that the company has invented to date. Thanks to a Chromecast device and its Google Cast technology, we can stream entertainment content on our TV in a simple way using our mobile or tablet as a remote control. Of course, at first we need to know Download Free 15 Best Android Mobile Games of 2018 .

Google currently sells three Chromecast devices. We have Chromecast Audio and the new Chromecast Ultra for 4K and HDR content. But this is not all, a variety of manufacturers also sell televisions and audio equipment with integrated Chromecast.
If we choose the cheapest option -acquiring one of the Chromecast that Google sells- in a few minutes we will be sending content to our TV or stereo. You just have to follow the next steps.

Connect your Chromecast to your TV

The first thing we have to do is connect the Chromecast to the HDMI of our TV and its USB port or power outlet. Once connected to the power supply the device will turn on automatically. Switch the TV’s input to the HDMI source that is connected to the Chromecast to see the “Set me up” screen.

There you will see how you will have to download the Google Home application to proceed with the configuration of your Chromecast device. Once installed, you will have to activate the location permissions when asked. If you do not activate it, you will not be able to detect your nearby devices.

In the welcome wizard you can activate notifications by email to receive the latest Chromecast news, such as tips, tricks, offers, applications, new features and more information.

Set up the Chromecast

Once the Welcome Wizard has been passed, the application will detect that there is a new Chromecast device in your home. If the warning does not appear in the main screen we can see it from the Devices icon that appears in the upper right part of the application.

By clicking on Configure we will access a new assistant that will configure the device in a few seconds. The first thing that the application will do is disconnect us from our Wi-Fi network to temporarily connect to the Wi-Fi of our Chromecast.

When our mobile is connected to the Chromecast, it will ask us if the code of the application matches the one shown on the TV. If so, we just have to confirm yes. If the code does not appear we say no and click on the option to try again after checking that the Chromecast is well connected.

After confirming the code the next step will be to assign a name to our our Chromecast and connect it to the Wi-Fi network of our house. The default application will show the Wi-Fi network to which our mobile is connected so that everything is easier. In case it is another network we can select it from the application.

Once connected to our Wi-Fi network, we can start sending videos, series, movies, music and more entertainment content to our TV with Chromecast through the wide variety of compatible applications that we will find in the Discover section of Google Home, such as Netflix applications, YouTube, HBO, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music and many more. You will only have to click on the Cast button that will appear in compatible applications.

Device configuration

From the Google Home> Devices app you can configure your Chromecast. You can:

– Rename
– Change the Wi-Fi connection
– Change the wallpaper
– Change the language
– Access the advance program
– Use HDMI mode at 50 Hz
– Adjust the time

Customize the wallpaper

Google Chromecast allows us to put any photo album we have on Google Photos, Facebook or Flickr as wallpaper. We can also see the news that our Newsstand sources or see photos of art, outstanding photos or the land and space selected by Google.

From the above explanation we can conclude that Google Chromecast brings us all to one step ahead in the utilization of streaming content.