I want to thank you. All of you! Crowdsourcing Works! You may be familiar with this or not, but you know exactly how to do it.

Crowdsourcing: Generally a large number of people through the internet, either in the work or project information, to obtain a list of paid or non-paid services.

I did something that never thought I would do … many other marketers did not even tell me this. I expressed thoughts for the design of my new book cover.

Put in ideas and tips and it completely changed my direction and resulted in this final design.

So come back to Bakersworing and why would I like to repeat it. Today with you.

It was a wonderful experience that I want to celebrate some unique ideas for book marketing. Things I Did not Think … Yet.

Perhaps you have an idea, one did not think me? Or maybe you know someone who wants to interview me on their podcast, livestream, column, or blogger who can write about it?

You have any idea, I would love to hear from them.

Now for the IRONIC part.

Many people in my community are asking me how they can start their new book.

If you do not know, when our books remove # 1 on the launch day, then the authors make such a feeling of satisfaction.

I’ve made a Facebook group where I will share all my launch content (social posts, graphics, etc.). I’m inviting someone who wants to support the start of LinkedIn in order to join my private Facebook group.