Interesting Features about En Caul Birth


immediately after their birth. caul baby birthmeans that the baby has membrane remaining on their head. The caul tends to be adhered to the face and the head and loops around the ears of an infant.

Sometimes a baby is born with just a caul attached to the face and head. Babies who are born in this way as regarded as someone born within a shirt.

What is an En Caul baby birth

One should confuse a Caul birth with that of an En Caul baby birth. It arises because of a situation where an infant is broken inside the full amniotic sac. This sac tends to balloon at birth, with the child remaining inside the partially broken membrane.

Babies who are born with caul is rare, and is fewer say 1 in 80,000 births. This figure does include the En caul births as well which occurs on a frequent basis than the En Caul birth that is more common in case of premature births.

One of the common caul birth myths is that it is harmless and can be removed by a midwife or a doctor. If it is done correctly the practicing doctor will place a small incision in the membrane across the nostrils so that the child can breathe in a proper manner. The loops are then un looped carefully from behind the ears. Then what can be done with the remained of the caul is that you can carefully peel it back from the skin and rub it with a small sheet of paper which can be then again peeled back to the skin.

If it is removed too quickly, then the caul can go on to leave wounds on the flesh of an infant leading to permanent scars. Those kids who are born with a caul are known as caul bearers and are considered to the ones with supernatural abilities.

History of EN caul and caul birth

Since ancient times, the appearance of a caul on a baby was considered to be a form of good luck. It was regarded that the child is destined for greatness. The caul is gathered on a paper, that was an important tradition of childbirth. The midwife would then rub a sheet of paper across the face and head of the baby whereby pressing the caul on a sheet of paper.

The caul would be then handed over to the mother to be kept as heirloom. From the European context, it was regarded that a baby who has had an En Caul birth is not capable of drowning. The calls were considered to be prized possessions by the sailors as in medieval times, women used to sell these cauls to the sailors for a huge amount of money as it was regarded as a valuable asset.

 Some of the people who are born with caul are Napolean, Lord Byron etc.