People often avoid rice in order to maintain good health. Because rice contains fats and glycemic which affects our health. Sometimes overeating of rice cause obesity, diabetes, and many other problems as well. Basmati rice is the best and healthy kind of rice for health. As it contains a large number of nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Basmati rice is usually known as king size rice or Guru ka Guru basmati. This kind of extraordinary and long grain rice an amazing and great prolongation of cooking. It is really delicious in taste and smooth in texture as well. Basmati long grain rice when cooked, do not break and stay separated. Basmati rice is normally a popular choice for biryani cooking and steam cooking.

Nutritional values of basmati long grain rice

  • Healthy basmati rice contains a good amount of carbohydrates but a very less amount of glycemic or sugar.
  • Basmati rice contains less amount of fat. It usually contains 1 gram of fat per serving. Each ¾ cup of basmati long grain contains 3 grams of protein.
  • Basmati rice is a good source of niacin and thiamin. These B vitamins usually increase the level of metabolism by producing energy in the body. Vitamin B plays a vital role in energy metabolism as well.
  • With vitamin B, basmati rice is also a good source of iron. Every single serving of basmati rice contains a good amount of iron value. Iron is actually very good and effective for health. It transports oxygen in our body through the blood.

It can be an amazing idea to include basmati rice in your daily diet. It will surely assist you in various ways including- to make your body strong by providing nutrients and proteins. The special aroma, unique taste, and fragrance of healthy basmati rice excite and delight a large number of people. Usually, basmati rice is often served with a variety of delicious and pleasing dishes such as- dal, curry, chicken, fish, meat and many other dishes as well. People often prefer long grain basmati rice when they plan to cook delicious veg or nonveg biryani.

Health benefits of basmati rice

Basmati rice is really healthy as well as nutritious as compared to other ordinary and plain rice grains. It is normally categorized into two ways- white basmati rice and brown basmati rice. Both are best and nutritious categories of basmati rice. Health conscious people like to prefer healthy and aromatic basmati rice. Here is the list of health benefits associated with basmati rice are as follows-

  • Suitable for diabetic patient
  • Good for maintaining healthy weight
  • Promote heart health
  • It is really good for dieting
  • Ability to prevent cancer cell formation
  • Promote healthy brain function.

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