What Kind of Sewing Machine to Buy


To buy a sewing machine is not so easy as it seems. Despite their abundance in shops and online stores, we, nevertheless, are tormented by doubts, we study hundreds of instructions and reviews about sewing machines. In fact, the question “What kind of sewing machine to buy” can be greatly simplified, if you clearly imagine how you will use it.

Qualitative characteristics of a modern sewing machine

Almost all leading manufacturers of sewing machines, the most famous and popular brands Pfaf, Singer, Janome, Brother, Juki and others produce sewing equipment designed for any taste and financial opportunities. The qualitative characteristics of modern sewing machines are quite high. The decisive factor in the price of a sewing machineĀ is only its technical characteristics and capabilities. The lower the price of the machine, the less it has operations and various additional functions.

Before you buy a sewing machine, you need to clearly determine how you will use it.

All machines of economy class are not designed for heavy load and are intended, mainly, for sewing light and medium fabrics at home.

Some units and parts are made of light metal alloys or extremely durable plastics and can simply break if used improperly. It is the use of such technologies and a limited set of operations that determines the inexpensive price of the machine.

If you want to buy a multifunctional and universal sewing machine that you intend to use intensively, then reliability and endurance are the most important of its criteria.

It makes no sense to list all the criteria for evaluating such a sewing machine. In a good store, consultants will give detailed and complete advice, the main thing is to know what to ask about. And for this, study various recommendations and tips on the Internet on the topic “what kind of sewing machine to buy,” read reviews made by specialists.

Computer-controlled sewing machines are more difficult and expensive to repair.

If you want the machine to be as smart as a computer, do a lot of stitches, including the eye loop and warn you about every mistake made, then buy a modern sewing machine with software control. It is equipped with a very convenient display and the number of functions and operations is simply unlimited. However, such a smart sewing machine is quite expensive and most importantly, difficult to repair.

The requirement to strictly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions is most relevant to the computer-controlled machines. If you are going to buy such a machine, then you cannot do without consulting a professional store manager. We just can advise you not to spare the time for a detailed study of all the differences and opportunities of different manufacturers of computer sewing machines.

It will be easier for you to buy a sewing machine if you study the proposals of various firms of sewing machine manufacturers of the same price segment.

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