There are various types of beachwear for the days that are spent under the sun rays or swimming in the water. Beachwear generally includes board shorts, cover-ups, swimsuits and flips flop and so on. Hats, surf wear, sunglasses and other accessories finish off the outfits during the day time at the beach. Men, women, as well as the children, can search the beachwear options in a wide range of styles and stylish designs.


The ladies and young girl’s beachwear includes the colorful and vibrant bikinis, sarongs, tank tops and swimsuits and much more. In these days, the swimsuits are available in various styles and colors. You can buy one depending upon your requirements. There are various styles available, from the trendy bikinis to the most retro look and even the modest ones. The two-piece swimsuits were popular among the actresses from 1940 to 1950’s. Another fashionable swimsuit is the tankini or the tank bikinis available as well. This swimsuit includes wearing a tank top in the above portion and a bikini in the bottom. The one-piece bathing suits cover the body more and it is preferred by most of the beachgoers as they are best for being the most favorite outfit in the beach.

The sarongs are wrapped around the waist and they are one of the sexiest swimsuits available in the market. They are sold to the customers depending on the color and pattern of the swimsuits. The long and loose tops called the caftans and tunics, made with cotton or the light weight fabric is popular as well. The light weight sundresses are also popular to cover the body when going for a sunbath.

The surfer-inspired shorts or the surf wear in Cape Town for the boards, made with the help of the synthetic material are gaining importance in these days as the beachwear and can be the casual wear for both men and women who mainly prefer them to wear at the beach. Men can avail the most traditional trunks to wear at the beach and they can also wear the form-fitting swim briefs who want o reduce drag in the water and the sunbathers seek these garments to get all over tan. Swim briefs are also known as the “speedos”.

The rash guards and the swim shirts are worn to protect the body from the harsh weather, sun and skin chafing. The lightweight and the fast driving rash guards are popular among the swimmers and surfers and who are involved in any type of water sports. The loose fitted shirts are designed for protecting the body from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Talking about the beachwear available in Cape Town, there are various companies that provide the swimsuits in the market. The stores offering beachwear in Cape Town are growing importance.