When you go to your dermatologist for severe acne or skin wrinkles or extreme sun damage, he would suggest you to do a laser skin resurfacing. This treatment would be recommended by him only when other treatments don’t work out to restore the youth and health of your skin. Therefore, you should be aware of this process, its benefits, side effects (if any) and downside so that you can take an informed decision if you want to go for this treatment or not. In this article, some basic concepts about laser skin resurfacing San Francisco process are explained briefly, for your better understanding.


As the name suggests, this is a process in which every damaged layer of the skin is removed through a laser process. The new skin that grows after the treatment is tighter and gives you a youthful look that you had always wanted.  This treatment is done by a qualified plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, who is also and an expert in dermatology.  The treatment is done on the affected area or on the entire face, as per your condition. The duration of the treatment will depend on the areas where it is being conducted. For example, while treating a small spot on your forehead may take about 30 minutes, treating the layers of your entire face may take up to two hours to complete.

Before the treatment

If you want the skin resurfacing treatment to go well, you should prepare yourself properly for the same. You need to listen to the instructions of your surgeon and stop taking other medicines, consuming liquor and smoking at least two weeks before the surgery, so that your body responds well.

Will it pain during the treatment

Laser surgeries are painless; but, you may be given a local or general anesthesia based on the amount of affected areas. If the treatment needs to be done on your entire face, you will be given a general anesthesia for the same. You will be discharged the same day. Do not panic when you see swelling in the areas that were treated, as this is normal. Your dermatologist would give you steroids and other medicines to control the pain, swelling, and infections.  Within a week, your skins starts peeling off and it might take around a month for you to recover from this. For some people, redness may last up to three months.

Is this surgery worth your money?

The new skin that forms is definitely lighter and healthier than your old skin. However, there are quite a few risks involved in this process. Your skin can get scarred due to the laser heat or it can cause pigmentation issues and other bacterial infections that stay permanently with you. You have to ensure that you consult a laser resurfacing San Francisco expert and check with him first if this treatment would suit your skin and then proceed with it. These laser surgeries don’t come cheap; hence, it is only natural that you take the right decision to be safe than sorry.


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