Linux VPS hosting is the most sought-after hosting service,for most of the users of hosting services. Linux VPS hosting is a hosting service on a Virtual Private Server with a Linux software operating system. Boththe counterparts excel in their individual performances. Linux VPS Hosting is a hosting package that has proved to be most suitable for hosting all types of web sites and their related software applications. Linux VPS Hosting provides the best available hosting option to the users, if the users seek for maximum control over everything.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server hosting is, providing hosting service through a Virtual Private Server. A Virtual Private server is a virtualised server.

A Virtual Private Server is unique, because it copies and simulates the functionalities of a dedicated server. The only difference is, this dedicated server functions within the environment of shared hosting. So, a Virtual Private Server hosting can technically be termed as a combination of both a dedicated server hostingand a shared server hosting.

The Virtual Private Server is actually a virtual machine (VM), which is sold to the clients by a hosting service provider company. A Virtual Private Server has the capacity of running its own operating system, as it can mimic the operating system. The client using a VPS has the advantage of having the ability to install any software or an application, those run on that particular operating system.


A Virtual Private Server provides all the services, those are equivalent to a dedicated server. It can handle hosting web sites, which are having heavy traffic of web site visitors. A Virtual Private Server can be configured very easily, by the user herself/himself. But, the costing of a Virtual Private Server is much less than a dedicated server.

A Virtual Private Server has the ability to share its physical hardware with other Virtual Private Servers. It may lessen the level of performance of the Virtual Private Server. The output depends on the cumulative workload of all other Virtual Machines (VM).

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers-

  • Virtual Private Sever permits running a number of virtualised operating systems, on a single machine.
  • Virtual Private Server needs not be restarted if the client wishes to use a different operating system.
  • Virtual Private Server user can have server applications, such as Apache, MySQL, PHP etc, with the user’s own operating system.
  • The user of Virtual Private Server can make changes at any time, to suit her/his requirements.
  • The Virtual Private Server offers complete access to the VPS operating system. It does not offer any restriction of any kind in it, what so ever.
  • This feature allows the user of Virtual Private Server to freely configure the server as per her/his business requirements, at any time.
  • The VPS users can opt for additional hosting, such as File Transfer, Mail server or other protocols.
  • VPS allows the user for activities, such as e commerce and blogging.
  • VPS allows hosting of number of different web sites.

Linux software operating system-

Linux is the most well known and most used software operating system. Linux is an open source operating system. Linux is similar to all other software operating systems in most of the ways. Linux provides its users, with a graphical interface. But Linux is also different from other software operating systems, in many ways. Linux creation code is available for free to all its users. Everyone can view, edit and contribute to Linux software operating system.

Linux is a preferred software operating system for many companies and individuals, as this operating system is completely secured.

Linux VPS Hosting-

Linux VPS hosting combines the goddesses of both VPS hosting with Linux software operating system. It is an ideal combination in hosting service for clients who wish to run their online businesses. Linux VPS hosting provides premium quality hosting service to the users, at a very affordable cost.