SALAMABAD: On Wednesday, Pakistan’s most regular citizen and military durable strongly condemned the “current rule of fear” of India in Kashmir, which killed 20 honest people and injured hundreds of people.

Head of the National Security Board’s head headed by Shahid Khaq Abbasi and headed by General General Qamar Bajwa, Interior Minister Staff Advisory Group, Inner Qadri, head of three soldiers and other senior officials today.

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As indicated by a official statement, the Advisory Group rejected the current situation in Indian involvement in Kashmir, seeing that honest gunmen use incredible and non-dynamic use of weapons against protesters and memorable service Benazir Bhutto has affected the Kashmiris.

The National Security Panel violated the collective fears of Kashmiris and the Indian tyranny, violating the collective and conspiracy of all their human rights. The Trustees Board saw that the unusual role of this rebellion has made an incorrect representation by the Indian government to promote the wrong objective. ”

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The people of the Council further said that the Indian’s responsibility for the political, discretionary and moral support for the general population of the Jammu and Kashmir general population is about their stable and real war-stabilizing self-confidence.

Public statement said that the NSC has chosen to increase the issue of remarkable Indian cruelty on both sides of multiple and multi-dimensional background.

The pre-sources said it had already informed Muzaffarabad to the Trustees Board of his visit. “Along with the Abbasi administration in the media, the panel consulted the Abbasi administration with advice on their gathering.”

Indian security forces Islamabad and no less than 19 Kashmiri youth were killed in shopkeepers of the tribal valley.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abbasi had said that Indian forces have been martyred a long time and more than 200 Kashmiriis are trying to cope with their voices, but it has announced it.

The joint Jammu and Kashmir Chamber and the joint gathering of the administration combined together in Muzaffarabad, the head said that the Indian powers targeted unorganized people and accused those who were buried in connection with burial The

On Monday, Pakistan tried to try to kill Muslims in Gujarat in remote tribal areas Khawaja Asif.