Top Guide To Eyelash Extensions and Repair

Many women enjoy the luxurious look of eyelash extensions, but if they are not familiar with the process and the tricks of the trade they can easily end up with a damaged natural set of eyelashes after everything is said and done. This will mean that there will be weeks or even months needed in order to get everything back into the shape it was beforehand. However, mink lash extensions can be a great look with not too many problems if handled properly.


Lash Extensions Should Not Be Removed Manually

One of the most critical warnings that needs to be payed attention to is in regard to the removal of the artificial lashes. Basically it comes down to the fact that if a woman tries to remove them herself she will find that it is a very painful process as well as one which leaves very few natural eyelashes at the end. A professional removal is the preferred method, but it comes at a price. They can also be left alone so that they naturally shed if time is not such an issue and free is desired.

Restoring The Natural Lashes After Damage

Some women who have experienced this type of harm undergo what is known in many makeup circles as the “intense rehab” program. It requires a nightly regimen of Vaseline application to the damaged lashes in order to smooth everything back into normalcy, but this is about a month and a half long procedure. It is also important to be very gentle when washing the face in the area of the eyes so that they can get the TLC that they need in order to rehabilitate themselves. Eye makeup needs to be kept to a minimum so that everything can breath and have a break. This reduced eye makeup should also help with keeping the face washing relaxed.


Lash Serums and Treatments

The next step which is most useful in the more severe cases but can be utilized at any time is the application of store bought treatments such as eyelash serums and lotions. Retailers such as Nordstrom offer things like their Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner which incorporates peptides and biotin in order to help rejuvenate damaged hair. It is great to use something like this after the lifetime of lash extensions has run its course, but it is also a good product for aging and stress issues. Some of the top best eyelash enhancers include BoostLash, RevitaLash, Lilash, LashFood and VegaLash. These are the best ones for 2017.


Final Words

Mink eyelash extensions (especially faux mink eyelash extensions) will continue to be a hot item at the salon as women enjoy the meditative process of lying and having the work done, but it is important that everything is maintained properly to avoid damage. Genetics, climate, and diet also play a role so that the underlying base will be healthy even after the mink lash extensions wear away. Oil-free makeup remover is the best choice if needing to clean up, and Q-tips are ideal so that the granularity is good for cleaning up around the eyelash extensions.