Cell phones and other electronic products emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Studies show that these emissions can cause extensive damage in humans. Among the severe effects of cell phone radiation are brain cancer, high blood pressure and migraines. The radiation is as a result of electricity flowing in cell phones and other electrical products.

The main problem with such radiation is that you can’t easily see the damage it causes. This is the main reason why you should protect yourself from these harmful emissions. There are several tips to reduce the effects of such radiation.

How to reduce cell phone radiation effects

  • First, it is important to note that radiation is higher when trying to connect, than after it’s connected. You can therefore reduce the effect by placing the phone to your ear after it’s connected.
  • Consider texting instead of calling. This keeps the phone away from your ear. If you have to call, use the speakerphone function.
  • Limit phone use by making essential calls only. This simply means that you should avoid long calls, as a 3-minute call may alter your brain activity.

How to avoid cell phone radiation

Cell phones are widely used across the world. Today, almost everyone has access to a mobile phone. Research shows most health problems across the world are as a result of radiation. Besides the above tips, you can now make use of a cell phone radiation protector. These gadgets have a capacity to reduce the radiation reaching your ear by 70-90% depending on the type of cell phone. A cell phone radiation protector is a chip attached in the earpiece to direct radiation waves away from your ear.

There are different radiation protectors from different manufacturers. As a cell phone user, make sure that you choose the best protector. When searching for the best cell phone radiation protection gadget, considers its usability, quality and durability. A perfect radiation protector should be easy to attach and be durable.

Radiation protectors are very affordable. The cost cannot match the benefits associated with health. The effects of such emissions are also so severe that you can’t afford to ignore these protective gadgets. It is advisable that you enquire about your cell phone’s radiation emission rate. This information can be found in the phone’s manual. The emission rate will guide you regarding the best radiation protection gadget to use.

Protect your family from radiation-related illnesses by using radiation protectors. These gadgets will drastically lower the continuous exposure to cell phone radiation. They are not only easy to use, but also affordable. Remember, prevention is better than cure. It is much cheaper to prevent health issues related to the use of cell phones by installing an affordable radiation protector.