Tuesday, a government official will take the results of Class 10 and class 12 board results directed by PU Education Board in the last seven days or seven days of the day of May.

“On this occasion, on the occasion to be tense for 25 different understanding of professional courses, the result will be postponed for two or more negative, till May 10. Furthermore, on this occasion we announced their results freely. It should be till April 30, “Board Officer, who did not want to be nominated, said.

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More than 406200 interpretations were displayed in the board’s 10 class exams from March 12 to March. Concurrence about 12 examinations of this class was 327,159 this year. Class 12 exams started on February 28 and ended on March 24.

During the examination, the Board sent some measures to leave the King. Understanding was not decided to take its schools as an examination. In addition, instead of three unique arrangements of question papers, the inquiry group was changed.

One year ago, the pass rate for 10 class evaluation was 57.50 and 65.33 percent in class 12 cleared the exam.

Candidates can check their results by visiting the PSEB website. pseb.ac.in/