Some Questions Pertaining to Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is a natural process for both the mother along with the baby. But there are a lot of breastfeeding questions to ask

Will the process of breastfeeding continue if the nipples are inverted or flat?

You can continue the process of breastfeeding if your nipple is flat or inverted. If this is the case most babies can continue the process of breastfeeding without any problems. If the mother is having problems in allowing the baby to latch, then the advice of a lactation specialist may be needed. This is important when the baby is nursing for the first time. Close attention needs to be paid on the position of the baby on the breast, on how they latch and a little bit of patience is important.

Is it common where one breast produces more milk than the other?

Most women will notice that one breast produces more milk than the others. This could be that the baby is feed on one side more than the other. When you first start to breastfeed your new born, it is important that you nurse the baby from both the breasts to avoid such a situation. It also helps to pump on the side that is producing less milk after feeding the baby. Despite all these efforts, one side may still continue to produce more milk than the other each time your nurse, which might be normal in the days to come.

What is the time duration for the milk to come in?

This is one of the common breastfeeding questions which mothers are confronted. It does take 3 to 4 days for the milk to come in or sooner if you have breastfed the baby earlier. Some women experience a feeling of heaviness when their milk comes out and do not worry it is normal as everyone experiences it. Prior to the milk coming in your baby gets the first layer of thick milk that comes out.

How can you determine on whether your baby is getting enough milk?

This topic has been the centre of discussion till now. Most nursing mothers will worry at some point that their supply of milk is too low to feed their babies. Before you adopt any measures, it is better if you consult your paediatrician to find out on whether there is anything wrong with your milk supply. If your baby is putting on weight and a number of diapers needed to be changed, then the signs are that the baby is indeed getting a decent amount of milk. If the doctor feels that the supply of milk is not adequate, then you can try the following measures.

  • Make it a point that your intake of fluids increases, so that you are well hydrated. The urine should be clear and a healthy or varied diet is needed.
  • Do nurse your baby on demand as long as they want it. Most babies will nurse 6 to 8 times a day and ideally around 30 to 45 minutes is the standard time.