SEO Action Points from Google Analytics


The question of how to measure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance is most common with professional bloggers, start-up companies, and large business house, small and medium business, which are having their own website to promote online. There are many ways for SEO metrics to measure. The webmaster, who maintains your website, may use a different web analytic tool. However, the Google analytics is a free tool, which is the best for all website owners. The majority of the internet users search the Google search engine for all their information needs. You can learn what is SEO metrics, Google analytics SEO dashboard and Google analytics SEO report through Google analytics SEO tutorial online free. You can also go for SEO Google analytics training from a trusted SEO company. The below are few SEO action points from Google analytics for every website owners or business website owners.

1. Add Google Analytics for better SEO

It is advisable for all business website owners to add Google analytic tools to their respective website to improve your website presence on Google search pages. This is because, nearly 80% of people across the globe use Google search engine for providing quality information. The Google analytic tools will make you better understanding of your website ranking, rating and any drawbacks you have due to bad SEO contents on your website. You can see all web statics and analyze for further improvement as per the latest SEO trends.

2. Add Google Friendly Contents

The Search Engine Optimization by proper keywords in your content is the best way to improve traffic for your website. You can analyze this from Google analytic tools for organic search. You can know, for which extra presence of keywords in your web page is not a good practice and Google may penalize. The present trend is to develop 2000 word content with relevant target keyword and with limited LSI keyword to get links and pull on search page through organic search by the internet users. You can analyze the keyword search metrics on Google analytic tools. With the use of Google analytic tools, you can add new contents with the latest keywords. You can also know about the keywords present in your website is useful or it comes in the organic traffic search by the visitors.

3. Check your Organic Search Traffic

The higher organic search result on your business website shows the quality of your Search Engine Optimization works provided by your SEO service provider nearby your place or a SEO company online. The use of Google analytics is the smart way to find your website rating and ranking based on organic search. This is because, most of your visitors use Google search engine and it is advisable to see those organic search traffic reports and improve on what your website may lack on improper SEO. It will be better to analyze your website traffic by Google analytic tools and improve further from where you lack proper SEO.

4. Check your Web Page Speed

The quality of Search Engine Optimization will be good; however, those pages may take time to load. This may affect your business website as the viewer may leave your website within seconds he or she open your website. You can analyze this by Google analytic tools and improve them by the use of professional webmasters. They do quality works on page contents, images and video contents such that they open within fraction of seconds and you may get better visitors. The greater the time spends on your web page will result in better Google ranking and rating. It is advisable to do Google analytic on off page contents and page contents by using various Google analytic tool metrics and dashboards.