The only thing that bothers a single person more than being single is people sympathizing with him. Around the days like Valentine’s Day, it becomes quite a task to remain single and happy at the same time. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, instead of sulking that you had a lonely one, you can seize all your days and turn it into a happening ‘Anti-Valentine Day’ (not that we are against the idea of celebrating love). All your committed friends are probably fighting now or they must be adjusting to each other on so many levels. Whatever they do, they have to do it keeping each other in mind all the time. You, on the other hand, are probably single either by choice or because of a bad break-up. Either way, there are so many indoor/outdoor cool things that you can do to change the meaning of love because even Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love which also includes self-love. Here are some out of the box, crazy ideas that a ‘single’ you can experiment with not just on or around Valentine’s Day but throughout the year as well.

  1. Learn Something New

We all have our bucket list which we have always wanted to accomplish, be it learning a new language or learning to edit videos. Take this opportunity to start that ‘something’ you always wanted to learn, get online and start learning with the help of free tutorials.

What you’ll need: Your phone, a good connection and Voila!

  1. Go Wild with Shopping

It is high time you pamper yourself. Just go online and buy all the clothes you have always wanted to buy but never bought because of some or the other reason. Just go online and then shop to your heart’s desire.

What you’ll need: Your phone and all the Shopping Apps to compare the prices and designs.

  1. Movie Marathon

Crushing over an actor since you saw him for the first time on that big screen? Scared of watching thriller movies? Got a subscription but never really found the time to chill? Collect all your inner inhibitions and desires and start a movie marathon. Grab your phone with a good video playback so that you can complete this venture without any interruptions. Gather all your friends around and come up with fun activities in between like you can watch a really bad movie and drink every time something cringe-worthy happens.

What you’ll need: A smartphone with about 8-10 hours of video playback so that you don’t have to halt your marathon in between to charge it. You can check out Panasonic India Smartphones’ Eluga Ray 700 which comes with an FHD video playback of up to 17:30 hours.

  1. Play Video Games

We have been playing video games since the time we were little kids and share an emotional connection with these games. Relive those carefree days and download all these games on your smartphone and get gaming. You can modify this idea either by competing with your friends or you can go online and play games with the live competitors from all around the world. You never know when you end up making new game buddies.

What you’ll need: A phone with good battery, large display and obviously RAM so that you can multitask easily. We know that it is difficult to find phone brands who have all these features in one phone but there are some like Lenovo and Panasonic India which fit the required bill perfectly.

  1. Give Time to Yourself

It is easy to find time for others but when it comes to finding time for yourself, we always come up with lame excuses to not pay attention to our needs. Give your undivided attention to what you love and make videos out of it. Whether it is singing, dancing or acting do what you like and experiment with your knowledge, make videos and just fall in love with yourself all over again.

What you’ll need: A smartphone and the passion to create something new.

  1. Plan out a Galentine’s Day Date

As quirky as the name sounds, Valentine’s Day certainly lives up to that expectation. This is something you can plan out during any time of the year. So what if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you always have your best friends. Just plan out a crazy party with all your bffs and have the time of your life.

What you’ll need: Friends and some cash (Obviously!)

Love is never about that special someone, it is about that special bond which you can share with anyone. Understand yourself better as no matter how many people you have in your life, in the end it is you who will take your journey ahead.