Facebook might be the biggest social media platform in terms of monthly active users, but when it comes to social media marketing of an e-commerce business, its Instagram that every marketer keeps their eye on. As per reports, e-commerce startups receive the best user engagement on the visual-sharing platform, given its mobile-exclusive and user-friendly features. Instagram has turned out be a necessity for businesses that want high exposure on social media.

You can develop your e-commerce business by marketing your products and services on Instagram by availing some of the best Instagram utilities. In order to maximize your sales and making the most of the social media channel, here are some of the tools that you need to utilize in your Instagram promotional campaign:

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Make Your Posts Shopping Friendly with Scoutsee

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram does not permit inserting links in the posts. There can be only one link added and that is in the Instagram profile bio section. This causes a problem especially for e-commerce business owners, as your followers can only window shop the products due to the lack of a link to your business website through which the transaction and other processes could have been carried out. Users have to find your website and then browse your offerings; however, it sounds too much hassle and can cost you heavily in terms of sales. But, marketing tools like Scoutsee helps in creating Instagram posts that are shoppable in nature. You can form your own storefront and include a link to it in your profile bio. Now, when your followers click on the link they will be directed to your store Read more  Acer Chromebook 15 Review.

Run and Monitor Contests with Wishpond

When you research for creating engaging content for your brand on Instagram, you will definitely find out that most popular businesses routinely run contests on Instagram. This is actually a great way to increase your user engagement and improving your brand authority on the social media platform. With Wishpond, you can create contests and monitor them for enticing your followers and gaining the new ones at the same time. Running a contest on Instagram is a time-consuming endeavor, but Wishpond can ease the process for you. Running frequent contests can definitely improve your chances of engaging more followers for Instagram.

Obtain Instagram Insights with Iconosquare

Simply posting your product images will not do any good for your online business, as you also need to have an insight into the performance of your Instagram posts. This can be easily achieved with Iconosqaure which is a great marketing tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The tool offers a comprehensive analytics channel through which you can track the success of your previous posts by looking at the metrics. Iconosquare has a brilliant analytic feature that offers you an insight into your post reach, the follower count, and the geographical location of followers. But, the biggest advantage of using this tool is that you can analyze the total number of likes and user engagement on your Instagram posts.


Instagram marketing for your e-commerce business is now easy with the help of the above-mentioned tools. These tools will help you in improving your content and build your audience on the visual-sharing platform.