STD clinics Singapore are places that provides testing, diagnosis, and treatment of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). With doctors that are specially focused on those fields, consultations and treatment are held private and confidential. Sexually transmitted infections can occur if there is unprotected sex, condom breaks, or if no condom was used.

In Singapore, there are many clinics that handle this kind of case. They are all trained professionally and can give accurate sessions. STD clinics are employed with professional doctors that are also specialists in sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are still unsure of you status, STD clinics offer tests to see if you have sexually transmitted disease or not. Those test could be normal or anonymous. Anonymous tests will not require you to provide any information even if the test is positive. You will only have to fill a questionnaire that is confidential and assign you a number for you to know the results.

Some sexually transmitted diseases can be cured. STD clinics Singapore offer medical treatment to those that are positive. There are many kinds of sexually transmitted disease and curable ones are offered treatment packages.

HIV, on the other hand, can only be prevented. If one is exposed to the infection for a long time, then unfortunately it can’t be cured. However, STD clinics provide PEP treatment for those that are exposed for less than 72 hours. Using this, HIV can be prevented.

In order to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the clinics provide support and education to those who needs it. You will be advised of different methods to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. They also provide consultations and education to properly manage yourself.

Overall, STD clinics Singapore are very reliable. They use the latest technology and medications to provide accurate and relieving results.