There is lot that can be said about competition from am SEO standpoint. SEO experts, in a bid to stay ahead of the competition, will opt for all manner of strategies, some of which stray away from the rule of the game. All this is done to clinch top ranking, but it deviates from the fundamental aspects of SEO. It’s okay to experiment in the optimization field, but there is a need to keep within boundaries to avoid heavy search engine penalties.

In the recent past, the implementation and understanding of SEO has changed. The trend is never ending meaning you need to exploit best serp tracking tool. Today, terminologies and techniques that were used previously are no longer as effective. There are revolutionary SEO methods with it being about marketing, personal interactions and the internet of things. However, there are crucial components that need to be present for SEO to work. You need to have an optimized website that can be recognized by search engines. You need to have a user friendly content and high quality links from authority sites.

The Real Aspects

Keyword Relevance for Content

It’s imperative that your site is technically optimized to be seen by Google. Apart from optimizing content for the search engine, there are keywords that need to boost your content such that your content isn’t just a collection of semantics. SEO relies on keywords and you need to know the ideal keywords that that relate to your products and services. You need to avoid keywords that nobody uses in their search. You will need to highlight the popular keywords that people will use to locate you.

It’s crucial that you know how to integrate them with the right content to make your website SEO relevant. Remember, you will be penalized if you stuff and abuse keywords. One cardinal rule is to avoid using keywords that are in no way related to the kind of offering you have. It’s no longer difficult for search engines to decipher content in relation to your niche or page content.

Link Backs and Referral Links

The links that lead back to your site tell Google whether your website is in itself an authority. With the PageRank algorithm, Google knows whether the activity on your page warrants a good rank. Sites that have been indexed by Google for instance have a specific page rank score. This number is determined by the links that lead back to your website. If a website with an impressive page rank links back to your site, it has a positive impact better than what a hundred links from low authority sites will do. It’s important to note that quality links are your only remedy. You need to build links to suite those that have highly shareable content. Don’t forget to assess the PageRank score of referral sites linking back to you; it’s an important aspect of modern SEO.

Social Media Interaction

Nowadays, nothing helps you share content more than social media platforms. You still get links if your contest gets shared on Facebook or Twitter. It’s good for your ranking. The real catch is that search engines are more intelligent. They will sift through the content that is shared on social media to deduce whether there is valuable and user friendly content. If your content is deemed to be engaging and valuable, you will get higher ranking naturally.


Crawlability denotes search engine capability to locate and appraise your content. You need to make it easy for search engines to crawl. There are technical issues you need to address. Your content should not be hidden by JavaScript, which makes it difficult for Google to execute. You need to assess the response time from the site server and check whether there is wrong configuration by bots.