The hair transplantation procedure has a very significant role in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery world that offers you original hair back without any side effects. The hair transplant process involves the shifting procedure of hair roots that are done via the extraction/harvesting process, either by FUT technique or FUE. The hair root’s shifting involves the donor area and the recipient area in which donor area is targeted from the safe zone, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp; whereas the receiving area is what that cater the plantation of follicular units and where baldness is experienced.

The hair transplant in India facilitates the option of Medical tourism along with the regular tourist experience at an affordable cost cater patients from both the national & international.

It is very important to know the fact, information and relevant points of the hair transplant procedure in order to take the best advantages of this cosmetic surgery.

We are listing some Worthy Points to measure the benefits of the procedure are as follows:

  1. The Extractions are of two types: Scientifically, there are two types of extraction method, namely, the FUT technique and the FUE. The aim of extraction process is to collect a feasible amount of grafts/follicular unit in order to implant them in the recipient bald area of the scalp. Both the methods are applied in the restoration procedure, but it has a different way of the process as well as the advantages and limitation. It is obvious that the FUT technique has greater output as compared to FUE and being a traditional method, it is widely accepted for offering the best permanent outcomes.
  2. The FUT technique gives the Best result: The FUT or follicular unit transplant is one of the reliable techniques that are performed by taking the strip only from the safe donor area, i.e., the occipital & parietal part of the scalp. The safe area offers the permanent hair roots only because of the DHT-resistivity that is centrally focused on the hair restoration procedure. However, the FUT method gives the sustainable result, whereas the FUE can give the temporary hair roots as it involves the random punching process for the extraction.
  3. The Hair Transplants are Painless & Scar less: The hair transplant procedure is painless if the Surgeon applies the local anesthesia to reduce the effect of pain at maximum. The local anesthesia works up to 10-12 hours till the procedure gets completed. The reputed clinic and the expert Surgeon use the anesthesia with a proper care and management in order to make the procedure a completely painless. The procedure is scar less if Trichophytic closure is applied. The Trichophytic closure is an advanced closing technique that is performed in such a manner that the closing applies the overlapping way and edges of incision are sutured with a zigzag pattern. It gives the zero scar effect after suturing and allows hair roots to grow just next to the incision. This is one of the most accepted, closing techniques in the FUT hair transplant.
  4. You can start your daily work just after the Procedure: Yes, it is true that one can start the daily work just after the procedure as the hair transplantation surgery doesn’t require any follow-ups or maintenance. It is a hassle-free surgery apart from the other regular surgical procedure that requires an extreme care & maintenance after the surgery. So, you can start your daily scheduling-job from the very next day of the surgery.


On the whole, we can say that; we must do some research work before taking the procedure as a final step and one should go through an in-depth study about the procedure benefits, technical limitation, outcomes and remarks given by the respective patients.