Women experience hair thinning and hair loss caused by various medical conditions such as hormonal imbalances, female pattern baldness, thyroid issues, stress and chemotherapy etc. There are many treatment methods available to control hair loss and provide strength to the hair follicles for a better growth cycle.

One of these remedies is Tricomax Formula which guarantees to regrow healthy, strong and nourished hair and is effective for women of all age. It is specially designed for women. It strengthen the hair follicles and they grow thick strands of hair all over the scalp. Obvious results are achieved within the duration of six months. However, women who have thin hair will get thick and strong hair within six to twelve months, with a regular usage of this formula. Once, you have achieved the desired results, a minimal maintenance will be required for sustaining your thick hair.

You must have heard about a number of hair regeneration formulas that result in severe allergies and even more hair loss. But this is a guaranteed product which is very convenient and safe to use and has no side-effects. Moreover, unlike other treatments, it does not grow hair on any other body parts except the scalp. You don’t need to worry about getting facial hair.

Now, it is important to understand how Tricomax actually works.

  • DHT is responsible for 75% hair loss cases. It’s production on scalp and attachment with the receptors of hair follicles cause hair loss. It damages the follicles that result in hair thinning and hair loss. It helps in reducing the DHT production and resist its harmful effects on the scalp. Being a topical formula, it is safe to use and it is formulated to suppress DHT hormone, repair the damage and regrow the lost hair.
  • Its Scalp Cleansing Mask helps in cleansing the scalp and removing the unwanted oil and dust residues.
  • The Scalp Stimulating Lotion helps is stimulating and blocking the DHT production on the scalp.
  • The Revitalizing Shampoo helps cleansing and revitalizing the scalp for an optimal hair growth environment.
  • Tricomax Laser Pro is a light therapy used for rejuvenating the hair follicles. It is based on a specially designed laser treatment for hair growth.

Women have delicate scalp as compared with that of men. Therefore, they need a hair loss treatment differently and carefully designed for only women. A proper care and maintenance is required in their case as the products specifically designed for men are harsh and dangerous for a female scalp due to which such products should be avoided. Tricomax is really helpful in this regard because it offers a complete range of hair growth for women only.

Furthermore, it is formulated on the basis of extensive research and experimentation by the hair experts and medical specialists. This hair management system includes hair loss prevention therapies, recovery programs and hair fitness tools. It is one properly designed treatment formula which is reviewed and accepted by the medical higher authorities.